Saturday, April 24

my week (for lack of a better title)
pertinent personalities identified

i have not blogged for a while. i still don't feel like blogging but i kinda perceive the responsibility to do so. here's what happened to me last week:


new dude's first day. i was his peer sponsor, a lousy one at that because i had no plan of what to do with him after picking him up at the human resources office. just showed him around, introduced him to several of the people i know (i usually address people as a team as i really have no idea what the names of some were) and still managed to do some of my job for the start of the week.

my niece christina went to the zoo today and was very disappointed because the lions were sleeping and did not get out of their "caves" while she was there. poor lions. must have been partying too much.


maksim's concert and i was not there. not that he expects me to be there. pol and kata watched and i did not ask what happened. more maksim stuff on thursday. spent a few hours after office to join my frend boy snagger to buy a new cellphone. i was tempted to buy a second-hand nokia communicator. i was glad i didn't as my primary reason for wanting so is because mar roxas owns a communicator. haha.

omnipotent demigoddess (because she practically sees everything, even if it's happening behind her back?) gave me something to aid me with my passion (reading), from a place she recently visited. nice gesture. i am actually smiling.


nothing much. just one funny conversation with our seasonal help, ate flor.

ate flor: ang daming nakakainis na commercial ng politiko.

me: ano pa. pinaka-nakakainis yung kay jinggoy.

ate flor: meron din namang nakakatawa.

me: meron din. pinaka-nakakatawa yung kay jinggoy.

ate flor: bakit, ilan ba ang commercial ni jinggoy?

me: isa lang.


i thought today's another payday but i was dead wrong. was glad that samurai girl and tremorata were kinda okay again. see, samurai girl developed this irritation for tremorata last week. mr. too many water bottles got me today though.

mr. t.m.w.b: the piano guy (maksim), is he supposed to have a concert here?

me: yeah, actually it was last tuesday.

mr. t.m.w.b: did you see it?

me: no. i had other plans.

mr. t.m.w.b: why, is it expensive?

me: (made a few knots in forehead) no! i actually had to do something that night.

mr. t.m.w.b: i see..did anybody you know watch him?

me: two of my friends did.

mr. t.m.w.b: so, how was it?

me: i didn't ask. (he just laughed)

i can afford to see maksim. i can't afford andrea bocelli.

i also watched veronica guerin after work. nothing surreal. it's just okay.


new dude is catching up well, both with work and with us. he's even taking extra joss to keep up. samurai girl and tremorata's speaking terms were more okay than yesterday which called for a lot of eating in the office. it was also a laugh trip day with slow processor humanoid, polio pascual and lito lapid slash jojo alejar slash smurf

i decided to be a nice person and bought school supplies for 6 kids. six kids. it was fun. it was just heavy.

spent the night chatting with my highschool barkada and some intelligent teens who are posed to become fiction writers someday.


today? oh, i slept the whole day. mom went to the province to get some fresh air. after seeing her leave, i slept and woke up just before the sun sets. my head still hurts from oversleeping. i finished the da vinci code with less interest (the holy grail--newton--apple--magdalene's bones--priory---oh, please). i share samurai girl's aversion for reality tv shows but i quite enjoyed my big fat obnoxious fiance.

there. see you again next week.

Friday, April 16

kung anu-ano lang

**Along Quirino Highway, a newly-opened UniOil Gas Station has a sign that goes:

Kulang ka ng P100!
Hindi mo na binalikan!

A smaller text below reads:

Isa ka pa!

**Korina Sanchez delivered the best line for this week:

Boy (Abunda): So, would you have gone through the same experience (rigors of being a Star Circle Questor)?

Korina: No. I was born with a star complex.

Yet another one, from a blog:

When a blackout enveloped Paris, all the Philippine media delegates hovered in and out of the hotel ballroom. Korina went outside, stayed put, and had been quoted saying:

Korina: I refuse to join the pandemonium. As long as I wear my lipstick.

**However, my officemate Noime is the person to beat.

Upon seeing a stack of unopened distilled water bottles in her American boss’ desk:
Noime: Grabe naman si Carter, ang daming tubig, hindi kaya sya lamukin nyan?

Saturday, April 10

straight talk

as usual, i don't know what to do first with all the tasks i listed down before this actual "vacation" started because from time to time i am compelled to veer away from the "list", telling myself just to avoid the guilt that this is not the time to mind some office stuff and that never mind if my backlog is as numerous as the hair of a hairy monster, as a lot of the books i bought in the last two months have been on queue, with all their small voices telling me to "read me first, read me first" which i have successfully started since thursday if not for other worthwhile distractions like classic tagalog movies and patty and tammy and kace and more recently, ate dee's jelly bags, one of which i plan to get by hook or by crook regardless of the price, because it's not that i would want (and can afford) a liz claiborne, so i would definitely settle for one that's from greenhills, divisoria mall or yes, ate dee, who has cute babies and made me think again about my previous dilemma of wanting to halt my career and be a housewife and mother which, well, died down as i do not even have a prospective boyfriend at hand, let alone somebody to just flirt with, which i am kinda thankful for in a way, because the last few weeks had me utilizing all my options, from medical students to childhood friends to moslems, regardless of political views and IQ levels that made me think of this coming elections that would certainly take up my time especially come may 10 itself with my volunteer work for my office and comelec which also made me want to rearrange my leave plans as i impulsively planned to enroll in UP open university to pursue a masteral curse, rather, course, in development communication, the enrollment of which would start right after holy week and as the typical me would always be, i am still grasping for the requirements, and of course it would need me to be out of the office (again) for at least two days for the actual enrollment and admission requirements completion which i hope i would successfully finish within that period because let's face it, my work will not garner a zero backlog status, not even in my wildest dreams, and as it is, my job's load is distressing me enough to shed a few pounds which makes me feel good about myself but still tugs my ego that i would never be skinny enough because my bone structure is really like that of a eumorpho lakas tao model and the closest to a sexy body (shut up, okay) that i can get is the body of this viva hot babe named ella who could be the next rufa mae quinto who is by the way impressive by keeping that foreigner boyfriend so into her unlike kris aquino who is still at the stage of making pa-cute with mark lapid's attempt to win her that is certainly something to wait for in the buzz tomorrow as they would be arranging a "meeting" between kris and mark which i am confident would make chelli call me at 4:10 pm, or when kris would start urging us to make her the center of our attention, whichever comes first, that would just give me a couple of minutes to laugh, ponder OR puke, if revelations permit, because the buzz always means sunday afternoon and is tantamount to just a few hours before bedtime as the next day would be monday, the start of the work week, the dawning of which always makes me want to appreciate long vacations or at extreme times, unemployment.


Thursday, April 8

the uncultured me

yes, i am uncultured. so says a couple of friends. one of them actually had the guts to tell me so. but it's okay. it's fun though, having to find facts and figures that could make you hit your head with a hammer and say, "ay, yun pala yun.." or "kaya naman pala...".

i cannot make a list of my recent "discoveries" about a lot of things, mainstream or otherwise. they're quite a handful, you may actually think i was raised in a bartolina. i was not, by the way. i was just interested in some other things.

an example: i found a couple of books about the eccentricities of the bagthorpe family. i thought it was u.k.'s answer to malcolm-in-the-middle type of stories; teen read, light. but it's not. it has been published and has been aired in bbc in 1989, ran for just a couple of seasons, i think. next time, i could use the copyright page before jumping to any conclusion.

Wednesday, April 7

ang sarap ng walang ginagawa!

sarap ng ganito. panood-nood, pa-surf-surf, pa-post-post, pa-kain-kain....


napanood ko ulit yung sixteen candles. to be young and idealistic talaga noh? grabe itsura ni john cusack dun.

yung confessions of a teenage drama queen naman...Vomit
ewan ko ba bat ko binili yun. naaliw lang talaga ako sa poster nya.

yung shattered glass...well...i can't believe that they have not sensed what stephen glass was doing...with or without that freakin' fact-check! hello! mga taga-daily planet ba kayo? na hindi nyo na napansin na kamukha ni clark kent si superman sans the glasses? Mad
pinagsamang nasasaloob nang martes at miyerkules

1. huwag maging madamot sa kapwa commuter. kapag nagbabasa ka ng book at nakikita mong medyo engrossed na din sya sa hawak mo, huwag paglaruan ang pages na tipong ililipat-lipat. mahahalata nya yun na pinaglalaruan mo sya kasi ayaw mo ng may ka-share sa pagbabasa.

2. wag na ding magbasa habang nasa kalye. may mga di gaanong kalalimang hukay sa ibang daan, lalo na diyan sa arquiza st., kung saan lulusot talaga ang paa mo kapag na-miss ng iyong paningin at hindi ka nakaiwas.

3. Hindi masarap ang lumamig na sinangag at boneless bangus. It's not everyday na may kaopisina kang maraming ulam (go, SeƱora!).

4. Photogenic pala ako basta digicam ang gamit. Nyorks.

5. Masarap tumawa.

6. Huwag susungitan ang mga demanding na namamalimos. Oo nga't illegal ang magbigay ng limos (hindi ba?), sabihin sa maayos na paraan ang, "Eh bakit hindi ka na lang magtrabaho? Maglabada?" Ano bang pakialam mo, ano?

7. Iwasang sumama ang loob. Lahat tayo ay may kanya-kanyang political preference. Kung maka-Mar Roxas ka, igalang ang ibang ayaw sa kandidato mo.

8. On the other hand, hindi kasalanan ni Mar Roxas kung mahal ang bilihin sa palengke. Kapag nga nanalo sya, susubukan nyang ayusin ang sistema sa palengke. Grabe, I'm getting tired of explaining this over and over to narrow-minded, uneducated morons like you! Kamag-anak ko pa naman ang iba sa inyo!!!

9. Huwag bibiglain ang bangon. Mahihilo ka talaga. And get rid of your childhood fear na pag nabigla ka ng bangon at tumingin ka sa kama eh andun pa din yung katawan mo at peacefully eh nakahiga at natutulog pa.

10. Masarap ang kombinasyong Yakult at Fudgee Bar sa umaga.

11. Pag sinabing lutuin ng 6-8 minutes, maniwala. Huwag magmarunong.

Monday, April 5

mga bumulagang katotohanan ng buhay ngayong lunes

1. famous line of the day, "if i am rich then why do i have to take all the shit from them everyday?"

may punto nga naman sya.

2. basahin ang art of war. hanapin kung saang chapter yung "stalking your enemy".

3. "out to lunch" is an idiomatic expression. malay ko ba, eh i alternately use it with out for lunch, acceptable naman. pero parang mali nga pakinggan.

4. maging mabait sa lahat ng kausap sa telepono. kung maaari, huwag ikaw ang unang magagalit. kasama sa position description mo yan.

5. it is always nice to hear from a college friend whom you have not seen for a veeerrrry long time. even though you see kris aquino on tv, hearing from shelley is always a treat.

6. ang lunch break ay 12nn to 1 pm lang.

7. expect the unexpected sa isang kasamahang bihirang mag-comment. akalain mo ba namang tanungin kung bakit hindi pa tinutumba ng vigilantes si kris aquino. iho, more than the usual alembong pinay lang si kris, hindi sya elementong kriminal.

Sunday, April 4

iba pang musings ngayong linggo naman ng hapon

1. pag sumakay ng taxi, tonohan kaagad ang political preference ng driver lalo na kung nakikinig sya sa AM radio pagsakay mo. magsimula sa comment na, "ang gulo talaga ng pulitika". syempre magcocomment yan kaya matutugunan mo na ang gusto nya. yung nasakyan ko ngayon, diretso. sabi nya, "so gloria ang iboboto ko!" o di ba. mabuti na lang, dahil kung si fpj ang iboboto nya, baka masuka ako habang tumatango-tango sa mga pinagsasabi nya para lang hindi nya ako iligaw o ibangga kung saan man.

2. mas mahal kumain sa foodcourt kesa sa regular fastfood chains. oo nga't mas maraming pagpipilian, parang hindi pa rin sulit kung minsan.

3. dapat deadma lang sa mga naglalampungan sa pila sa ATM. kahit tinatama-tamaan ka na ng mga naghahabaang braso o tumataas na hita, deadma lang. baka sabihin naiinggit ka.

4. hindi dapat patulan ang batang makulit..again, sa pila sa ATM. may mga batang likas na maldita kahit pangit naman. yung tipong pag tingnan mo lang e didilaan ka. kahit gustung-gusto mo nang pilipitin ang leeg nya, keep your cool! mas bata yun. tumingin na lang sa malayo.

5. isa sa pinakamasarap planuhin ay ang hindi pagpasok sa lunes. how comforting.

Saturday, April 3

mga mahahalagang points ngayong sabado

1. habaan ang pisi. kahit ginagalit ka ng blogger, magpasensya.

2. wag pipiliting mag-OT kung inaantok. voluntary naman yan eh. minsan nga lang voluntarily mandatory depende sa mood ng amo, pero ang bottom line? pag hindi kaya ng talukap ng mata, wag na ipilit. isang libo't kalahati lang yan.

3. uminom ng maraming gatorade. lalo na yung tropical fruit ba yun. sarap!

4. pagkatapos magpakahirap sa trabaho, pagbigyan ang iyong luho. wala namang masama.

5. bilhin ang mga librong inasam mo noon pero dinadaan-daanan lang sa mga eskaparate ng national bookstore, goodwill o dymocks.

6. pag nakakita ng isang kaklase nung high school sa isang di inaasahang pagkakataon, ngumiti lang. pakiramdaman mo muna kung kilala ka pa 'no!

7. wag masyado isipin si mar roxas at mag-alala kung bakit sa kinahaba-haba ng roxas boulevard eh dadalawa lang ang banner nya, mangilan-ngilan ang mga yung iba nga eh tinakpan pa ni kim atienza ng poster nyang mala-cheshire cat ang ngiti nya.

8. isa sa pinakamasarap na feeling sa mundo ay ang ilatag ang lahat ng mga napagtripan mong bilhin na libro sa iyong kama. oweno ngayon kung hindi mo na halos mabasa ang mga ito,ang importante, visually satisfied ka. huling bilang ng mga librong binili in a span of two months: 132. oops, wag mag-alala, hindi mo naman kinurakot ang pinambili nyan. at masaya ka naman.

9. maging matapat. pag ayaw mo, sabihin mo.

10. habaan pa lalo ang pisi kahit napakatagal ng connection mo. kahit tipong maka-isang round ka muna ng punuan sa bingo bago makalipat sa kabilang page ang browser mo, okay lang. mas maraming tao ang miserable ang buhay.