Wednesday, July 28

Dense ako eh.

You're addicted to.....
Nothing! Your addicted to nothing at all? Well..... ok I
guess thats a good thing but come on just think
of the possibilities!

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Tuesday, July 27


When we do our grocery on Sundays at SM Manila, my new haven is the magazine section (which oddly is inside the Wines & Liquor area) near the baggage counter. Feasting on GQ's for 50 each (no issues past January 2004, mind you) and Vogue for 80 each (oldest I got was Feb 2004). Dunno if those were good deals but it was better than Booksale's Vanity Fairs for 154 each.

I am bombarded by Angelina Jolie.  She's the cover of this month's Cosmo. She's in the GQ ish I bought this weekend. My cousin returned my old Cosmo where she's on the cover as well. When I brought back my Tita's tupperware, they were watching Original Sin on DVD. Her pouty lips seem to be following me.

Charlie Hunnam is just so yummy. I dunno. He just splashed the pages of GQ where they had Uma Thurman on the cover. The shots were taken in Vietnam. He was just...uhm, yum.

Jemima J is not as funny and witty as I expected. It has its moments but it was not as exciting as Pink Slip.  I was on the verge of boredom when I chanced upon the last few chapters. Jane Green makes the meeting of Jemima and Ben so anticipatingly addicting (?).  Reminds me of An American Tail.  And here's one quote I won't forget, not related with the lovestory though. "And diets don't work, how can they? It's a multi-million dollar industry and if any of the diets actually worked, the whole caboodle will go down the toilet." Huh! Atkins and South Beach, what say you?

I will be having pack lunches for five straight days this week, and probably the next 3 days before payday next week.  Aside from
Paulo Coelho's, I have been tempted (and refused to let go of it) to get the whole Fingerprints series (my inner child! my inner child!), Wally Lamb's I Know This Much Is True,  and The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn.

I did not get swayed when Erwin commented that he will not read anything with Oprah's Book Club seal on it. But sad to say, I should have listened when I bought Anita Shreve's books (The Weight of Water and The Pilot's Wife). I didn't buy them because of the seal, it just convinced me as I have been eyeing them before.  The books bored me. If anybody would like to have them, I'll sell them for 50 each. Hehe. 

My panic button was triggered when, in my groggy state because of sleepiness and morgue-like temperature in the office, I read a short email, where the most prominent words were, "...meeting with the Consul General tomorrow"...add to that my vision being blurry so I only figured out a few names in the addressee line and a one-word subject line...boy, it did wake me up.  Turned out to be something task-related, nothing serious, and as of this typing, it has been moved to Thursday. Whew.

I will technically be in charge tomorrow as my direct supervisor will go on sick leave for a medical checkup. Heehee. I told her we will set all our extensions to a recording that goes, "Our supervisor is on leave. We can't help you right now. Please call tomorrow. If it's urgent, we will help you pray so it can wait until our supervisor comes back." Seriously, it's just a day. We have managed to pull it off when she was gone for a month last year.

I have to cancel my badminton round on Friday. I just have to.

Saturday, July 24

Saturday Ramblings

I gained five pounds in two weeks. This is all because I went back to my old eating habits. I got used to not eating dinners yet eat whatever I laid eyes on for the whole day. I may need to come back to my no-dinner policy because Alterations Plus could tell me I should not have brought my office clothes to them if I'll be going back to my old shape again.

Because of what happened yesterday with that cab driver, I seriously contemplated on taking self-help anger management techniques. No kidding. See, Tammy was not the only person who told me that I can be real scary when I get mad.

The ending of Bitch Goddess surprised me. The twist was surprising, not as "Wow!" as The Others (the movie) but it's totally unexpected. I immediately started Jemima J after the Robert Rodi book and while I'm fluidly flipping the pages as it was not as exciting (it's quite odd how they still marvel at the wonders of online dating and search engines, to think it was written only in 1999; could be part of the package, I dunno), I am positive I can finish it tomorrow night. I have seen Jane Green's books when I was in Powerbooks last Thursday (Bookends and Straight Talking) but there was no Mr. Maybe!!!!!

Speaking of books, I rearranged my bookshelf this morning and found a couple tens of books waiting to be read. What's funny was how I rearranged them in such a way that you could surmise my feelings for a particular book. contrast to my "going out more" plan before, I am thinking of sparing myself an hour to two of "reading time". Starbucks in Bayview is the most logical place to do it as it is very accessible for me to go home during a rush hour. Any coffeeshop in Robinson's Place is also considered but these places can get really noisy and I would not want that. Erwin shared to me how convenient it is to do it at the hotel lounge of Pan Pacific or Diamond Hotel (he must have done it, he seemed so sure about it). He told me to just order a frappe or something from a resident café and that will do it. The only hassle is the distance from my office to these hotels. I originally planned to do it along Baywalk, you know, in one of those benches, but I received a big NO shouted in unison from my officemates. I actually find the Baywalk reconstruction fine, that it is already void of the old Roxas Boulevard hazards. Oh well, I'll see where my mood and feet will take me starting Monday.

Friday, July 23

I have mellowed down but I won't erase my previous post. Sorry Manong! I hope the additional 30 pesos will help you. (How fake no?)

++ There is a Tigger ringback ("That's T-I-double Guh-ER!") and as karma would have it, it's only provided by Globe.
RAGING RAGE (as of Friday, 8:28 am)
Beware! This post will show the extent of my psychopatic tendencies when I'm angered.

I really want to change this attittude of mine--na when I get mad, instead of being rational (not necessarily calm), I turn into this nasty-tounged monster (monstress? nyaha). Grr! Basta in a nutshell, I rode a cab on my way to work, prepared 60 bucks, as my usual cab fare is, and even before we turned right to Roxas Boulevard, my bill was up to 75 bucks. I tried to tell him that his cab meter was so fast. He gave me this comatose look. I wish he would really be comatose by now, f**k that driver. Had he been younger (he looked like he was in his late fifties) , and had I not been running out of time, I would have had asked him to drop me off along Roxas Boulevard. But time was not on my side, and his cab meter running as fast as Seabiscuit.  When we were in front of the Embassy, I did my coup d' grace (but I really wish I have done a lot better, f**k him). My bill was 97 pesos. I gave neatly folded bills amounting to 90 and threw it in his face. I didn't curse, I didn't say anything, though I was very tempted to say, "Sana mamatay ka na mamaya" or "Sana maholdap ka at patayin ka mamaya" or "Sana pag-uwi mo, patay na ang buong pamilya mo"  (aren't you scared of me yet??).  I opened the door, as wide as it can, also the door opposite his, and left them open. Since he dropped me off at an awkward lane, horns of rushing cars were blowing behind him. "Isara mo yan, letse ka" was all I got to say.

Sigh. In an hour or two, I will really regret doing what I did to the driver. He didn't look sinister or a manggagantso. Had he asked me to give him a tip, I would gladly do it. Hindi naman ako madamot. Ayoko lang nung comatose look. Hayop ka, feeling mo dahil Embassy employee ako, marami akong pera. Bullshit. Since my rage is still at its peak, I realy wish that cab driver of a Munich taxi (yung may mga Mcdo signs on top), body number G-698 would die. Now.

Even if you asshole driver tell me that your wife or one of your kids is sick, or that your son has a project that he has not paid yet, it didn't justify your ignoring my demand for an explanation as to why oh why your fare meter was like that.  I wish a ten-wheeler truck will drag your cab and you will be like an unrecognizable durog durog na longganisa afterwards.  Grrr.  You know, I will probably edit this line if I am calmer and have read this post over and over.


Thursday, July 22




Hay, my Mom. Just because she saw Kris Aquino wear what I am wearing, she threw all her weight all over the house to have me wear this blouse. Not that Kris is considered a trendsetter in our house, but Mom said it looked good, and without close assocaition with Kris Aquino's looks, she concluded it will look good on me, too.  So here I am, feeling like I am clothed by a baby pink/lilac/white crepe paper. My only consolation is that my bangles matched.

Wednesday, July 21

I have yet to recover from my bedridden state yesterday but I decided to go to work today due to extreme pressure. Ako din naman ang mahihirapan. Hay, buhay. The downside of earning a few bucks.

And as part of my horizon-expanding project, instead of confining myself to the four walls of my room blogging about the rest of my weekly review of this Sunday show, I was compelled to join a friend over coffee (a rather typical 'date' we have, which means she has something to tell me) across the office.  As soon as we entered the coffee shop, Ric, the "uncute" barrista greeted us and of course, it's the, "Ham and cheese croissant, Ms. Georgina?" that made me smile at him, changing my tone when I told him that there is a big fly (what's bangaw in English, BTW?) happily hopping in their ensaymadas).  It was a cold afternoon so I had vanilla latte (which is not good, I wonder why Erwin makes it his energy drink every ang mahal nya no!) which had me wondering why even if I didn't ask for it nor they have asked me if I want to, there was an additional syrup that went with my latte, costing me 15 pesos. Hey, I know it's only 15 pesos but hello? Red flag of Consumer Protection waving, don't you see it??!!

Anyway, spilling my friend's angst, be it about work or her seemingly colorful personal life, is not new. We have been doing it since we became friends in 2001. I was still an intern then. So you can just imagine how much training I got, perfecting the art of pretending to listen and comprehend, even if my mind is a thousand miles away. It doesn't mean that I do not care. I do. I just know that during our coffee talks, she doesn't need me to give advice because she won't really listen to it, believe me. That's what many people find odd about our friendship; many are actually surprised why we remained friends through all these negative stuff about her sensitivity which a lot but her fail to see. Maybe I am simply her listener-friend. I have long given up the idea that she will listen to me, much more, change her ways because of what I say. In addition, I pride myself to be the talker amongst my other friends so with her, I can somehow find the balance.

Anyway, this coffee chat is about the brewing war in our main office. I can't vouch for the magnitude of it, given her sensitivity level, but it is something that is true. You see, our unit is actually a small group of people. 20++ employees? Yet it could get really nasty. I think I have said it before that for someone who is just starting her career (yep, that's me), this kind of professional (if you can call it such...) rivalry that we have is something that's so frustrating. Oh well, enough of that.

We spent 2 hours, with her doing the talking, and me, doing the nodding and uh-huhs while nibbling every chip of an overpriced mini Ruffles while looking at the misty glass door, pretending to feel her angst. Our topic shifted from the brewing "leadership" war to her recent ka-M.U. who I tactlessly branded a "mental case" (she was taken aback but I didn't have the guts to take it back because I actually meant it) to jurassic issues of countless men linked to her to bowling games then back to the brewing war in the office (it has more branches than a mature narra tree, I must tell you) to my wanting a new cellphone, till I said it's about time to go freshen ourselves up and go home.

Talaga sigurong ganyan ang buhay. You work, you go out, you share your feelings, you go home. Tomorrow, I can have a different side to "going out and sharing your feelings" as I will be with my college friends. I hope to do about 40-50% of the talking, save the fact that Jacs is there, Jen is there and Michelle is there. By being "there", I cannot explain why. Maybe tomorrow or over the weekend, I'll try.

Monday, July 19

You have a surprise kiss! Your partner is always
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Sunday, July 18

This blog will be under construction again in the next couple of days.  I don't know if this sudden change will overwhelm me positively or otherwise.  In any case, I saved my former template, aptly titling the file, "blog template in case retro blog doesnt fit me".

Saturday, July 17


Argh...I forgot my current read, Bitch Goddess, in the office yesterday. Kasi naman, nagmamadali.

Might Have Beens

We were supposed to watch Speaking in Tongues last night but had to reschedule it next Friday. For one, the English version will be by then, and Erwin's friend is part of the cast, which means we can get there via the guest list, saving 400 pesos.

Since we postponed the watching of the play, we decided to rush to Rockwell instead for its "Up to 70% off on all shops" per Jeepney Journal. For some reasons, we didn't go.

Cancelling the second plan, I hooked up with Mich Gan for a dinner-reunion. I alternately planned to come with Jacs who was attending an event in Rockwell, batting for the sale as well.

Well well well..what do you know, it rained doubly hard and I found myself postponing our dinner-reunion for next Tuesday (which means I won't play bowling--nyehehe) and instead spent the night hearing a friend rant about her mom and brother, and her new ka-M.U. over Starbucks coffee jelly, ham and cheese croissant and Ruffles. I'll be totally honest to say that I never took any of her rantings seriously, just nodding and dispensing fake "uh-huhs" and focusing on eating and texting Mr. Seaweed.

Let's Backtrack

Our annual bowling tournament officially opened last Tuesday. It was graced by the Ambassador who did well in his opening throw, toppling his kanal performance last year. Jojo must have bouts of strangling me, for when he strained his head looking for me to co-host the opening, I carefully avoided eye contact. Hehe ayoko lang 'no? Plus, my bowling shirt is hideous beyond imagination, forcing Carter to ask if we are forming the Britney Spears Bowling Team. And two of the Viva Hotbabes were there. The ever okray Consular team refused to take pictures with them, with our:

Host: Gusto nyo bang magpakuha ng picture kasama nila???!!
Consular Team: (disgruntled murmurs while the rest of the teams shout in glee)
Host: Hindi ko marinig....gusto nyo bang magpakuha ng picture kasama nilaaa??!!
Consular Team: Ayaaaaaawww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls were smaller in person and their boobs looked fake to me. I stayed only until the end of the first round. For someone who, by admission, has not played in three years, Stephanie Meadows brought us high scores, along with Dang, Apple, Dan Cintron and our summer hire, Margarita. For next Tuesday, Tito sent the player list and of course, I am still an alternate, so I have all the luxury of time to not attend and plan a dinner date in Makati instead. Weehee.


As of today, I have a standing self-imposed moratorium on buying books!! I swear, my last ones were still last Tuesday, and it was even because of Erwin. Syempre pinuntahan pa nya ako sa Paeng's just to tell me that he hid one book in one corner shelf of Booksale. The Sherlock Holmes in me went down and found it and eventually bought it along with another book. Tita Beth bought some too. Call it influence but Tito Ton told me, "Sabi ko na ikaw kasama eh (ni Tita Beth), sabi pa lang na nasa Booksale alam ko ikaw na kasama nya!" Well, the book Erwin saved for me is Even Cowgirls Get The Blues by Tom Robbins (I have one of his already, Skinny Legs and All, which is funny din, kinda) and The Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston. Anyway, I finished Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret last Thursday and I started Robert Rodi's Bitch Goddess which is so casually funny. I left it nga lang sa office so my idle Saturday saw me finishing Fat Boy Saves World, which I enjoy in a weird way (it is a weird book!).

In Closing

That's how my week went. Hehehehe. 

Friday, July 9


1 pc Kenny's Krispy chicken
1 cup rice
1 corn muffin
2 servings of mac & cheese
choco mousse
2 250 ml bottles of Absolute Distilled Water

Downed them in less than 30 minutes at nagtataka pa ako bakit ako nahihilo. Asteeg na sikmura. Bitukang bakulaw na naman ako.

I slowed down with my recent attempt to reorg my life. It was not a breeze drastically changing your priorities. I got probably 3 out of 5 of my plans into action, plans I thought of while in the shower or while on my way to the office. Not bad. They usually dawn upon me everyday but once I get to the office I totally forget all of them, then I will feel guilty when I get home, or blame myself when it's crunch time.

As much as I hate all these papers in my desk, these are the reasons why I receive a few bucks twice a month. For if I wish for the e-mails, faxed messages, letters, cables and telephone calls to be gone, I would be jobless. It would make me stay at home to read books, surf, sleep and eat, but I will drool everytime I go to the mall. I will not be able to buy books anymore. Wala na ring pambili ng magazines, pano pag na-feature uli si Mar Roxas (where the hell did that come from?)? Weigh your options, Judai.

I watched The Ladykillers nga pala last night. Except for all the "mother fuckin' shits" I heard (I lost count about 25 minutes after the opening credits), I found Tom Hanks' lines very very witty. I enjoyed it, really. Ka-date ko uli syempre sina Tita Beth, Tito Ton, Tita Patsy and Estee. After that, I got hold of Caleb Carr's The Alienist for 40 pesos and Book 14 of the Fearless Series for 25 pesos.

Nalilito na naman ako kung anong uunahin kong gawin. 3 hours and 20 minutes to go bago mag-uwian.

Prioritize...expand your dot-like!! Poocha, magtatrabaho na talaga ako, pramis.

Thursday, July 8


Two pending cables, one congressional and a bowling practice be damned, I rushed to Ayala Avenue to get my copy of People Asia. Astig talaga ako. Nyahahaha.

I've been waiting for this as early as March, was crestfallen when Jacs told me that Mar Roxas "is giving me a headache" (Tylenol lang katapat nyan), then was excited anew with Jacs' tagboard comment that went, "Kung ako sa 'yo, magpareserve ka na ng July issue ng People Asia *hint hint*".

Finally, I have it. Yun lang. Ganun lang. Save for Jacs' insider stories during the interview and photo shoot, I was prompted to tell him, "Tell me something I don't know yet (about them)." Hehe, parang naririnig ko na si Jacs shouting, "GAGA!!" sabay hampas ng towel nya sa akin.'s either I'm not in the mood to blog or words cannot contain my feelings for this ish. Gah.

What struck me after that visit was how I missed out a lot--I know I am no social butterfly--but I barely had time to reconnect and maintain ties with my friends. It only took me less than 30 minutes to get to Ayala Avenue, probably longer on Friday afternoons, and I was disappointed at how I let that chance pass me since I started working. It was not by choice to confine myself within the stretch of Roxas Boulevard (and P. Faura with Robinson's Place in all its glory). I realized I simply failed to plan and widen my options a little bit.

I missed the company of Jacs and Jen. Both of them never changed, well--a bit, they were worse than before which is very much okay. Ditto with Ailene and Dindin. And of course with all of my friends who are painstakingly slaved by the Makati Business District (nyahaha).

More than the excitement to go home then scan and upload the pictures and articles for my online friends (I know, I know, tama na po..tao lang...humahanga!! ---I remember Ailene and Dindin's priceless reaction when they saw me clutching the magazine...Dindin even said, "Malala na 'yan, Judai!"), I felt the need to reorganize my after-office activities a bit. Maybe one of the reasons why I feel that my hands are so full is the reality that I am actually empty-handed all along. I mean, I allowed my work (na sa totoo lang, hindi ko kina-career!) to hover around my existence, limiting my sphere to the size of one small dot. Kaya tuloy pati pag-watch ng movie, pagbabasa ng mga books na pinanggigigilan kong bilhin every week, even blogging and connecting with my online friends, tingin ko eh nakaka-take ng time ko thus leaving me tired, more often than not. With what happened last night, I am motivated to enlarge my sphere of one small dot to kasinlaki muna ng dome ng Araneta Coliseum (uy, mai-connect lang). Hayop sa analogy no? With that, I will never think that my hands are always full anymore, with only a few activites at that. Perhaps it will give me more space to appreciate my work, my home life, my online friends, my reading time and my social life, and enjoy them in the process.

But it does not veer away from the fact that I went gaga over this People Asia issue. Tipong habang nasa cab ka habang bumabaybay ng Roxas Boulevard at Buendia, paulit-ulit sa utak mo, "People Asia, People Asia, People Asia, People Asia..." Hehe tapos pagbaba ko sa cab bigla ko naisip.."Pucha, anong floor nga uli ang Stargate?" Syempre ngarag, nakalimutan kong may guard at attendant nga pala sa lobby ng building.

Basta next time, with or without Mar Roxas (and Korina), gagawi na uli ako sa Ayala. Para di ko na mamimiss ang mga blockmates ko nung college. Para din mameet ko uli yung high school friends ko. Para hindi na ako naiinggit na nakapila sina Jacs, Ailene at Dindin sa Greenbelt para manood ng Zatoichi samantalang ako eh kailangan ng umuwi. Basta next time. Kesehoda.

Sunday, July 4

Booksale and SM

I just love Booksale. Everytime na namamagnetize ako papunta dito, I seem to find something worth keeping. Today, with all those pile of books I would usually ignore, I chanced upon the second installment of the Tillerman family's story, something I always refrain from buying sa National Bookstore. It was there for 15 pesos. And Leon Uris' for 35 each. To be lucky on a Sunday nga naman.

I am an SM baby. I grew up appreciating what SM has to offer. Until now, I am left amazed by what it has...well, not as grandiose (as I would rarely afford it) as those in high-end malls, but the little nitty-gritty cute stuff only found in SM. Okay, most of them were Tigger stuff. Eh ano ngayon?

I remember when I was young, SM Makati and SM North Edsa were two of my weekend havens. Around mid-grade school, high school and college, it was SM Makati, SM Bacoor, SM Harrison and SM Megamall. Now, amazingly, it's SM Manila, SM Makati, SM Carriedo (yes! The first SM daw?), SM Megamall, SM Harrison and SM Cubao (yes!). Hmmm. I heard SM Baguio is just as great. And Patty, how's SM Cebu?

Friday, July 2


May nag-e-mail sa akin.

"Ate, mali yung nasa blog mo. "Family of the Vice President-Elect" dapat."

I swear, ganyan ang nakita ko. Mag-flashback pa tayo! Nakadikit sya sa unahang salamin ng coaster, one of those wide fonts ang gamit, at printed ng pa-landscape.

Maiba ako, may tao talagang hindi mo type ano? Yung wala naman syang ginagawang masama sa iyo...actually magkaibigan nga kayo eh..pero hindi mo lang sya type kasama sa lakaran, type kausapin ng matagalan, dahil talagang hindi kayo pareho?? Ewan. Wala lang.

Thursday, July 1


Umaga. Male-late na ang babae. Paano ba naman, pagkaingat ingat na binaybay ang Arquiza St. at service road ng Roxas Boulevard para umiwas sa posibleng lumilipad-lipad na yero / debris / construction worker na natutulog sa top floor ng ginagawang building / aso o pusang natutulog katabi ng construction worker / basura / kable ng kuryente. Patawid na sana sa Roxas Boulevard nang pahintuin dahil sa isang coaster sakay ang "Family of the Vice-President elect". Umismid. Gustong magtaas ng banner na may nakasulat na "Embassy Employee-- Needs To Get There By 7:30 am".

Tanghalian. Matapos takamin ng mainit sa tinola sa office cafeteria (na sukdulan sa overpricing), ginawa na lang daw pang-tanghalian ang going-away treat sa halip na alas-tres. Nagduda. Baka pauwiin sila ng maaga dahil sa lakas ng hangin at pabugso-bugsong ulan. Hmmmm.....

Ala-una. Tama nga, isang Mission-wide memo ang pinadala na nagsasabing puwede na raw mag admin leave ng 3 pm. Astig naman, isang oras at kalahati na lang bago mag-COB (close of business), nagpauwi pa kayo!! Ngunit nakonsensiya. Sa halip na magpasalamat, bakit pa ba nagrereklamo?? Ang karma tuloy, hindi nakauwi ng eksaktong alas tres dahil sa ilang talents ng ABS-CBN na nagpapaimportante.

Eto na. Paglabas ng office, ilang metro ang layo sa aktuwal na seawall, medyo threatened na ang babae sa maingay na hagupit ng alon. Paglabas ng main gate, binuksan na ang malaking Embassy payong. Dahil sa laki ng payong, akala ng lahat ng Pinkerton guards at ilang miyembro ng Manila's Finest, magtatayo ng squid ball stand with matching gulaman samalamig ang babae. Pero hindi pala. Tatawid pala sya.

Rule number bahala na kung pang-ilan: Mas protektado ka sa ulan pag malaki ang payong mo pero mas mahirap itong dalhin kapag malakas ang hangin. Proven.

Dahil sa malakas na hangin sa service road ng Roxas Boulevard, hindi na nag-attempt pang humakbang on her own ang babae. Sa totoo lang, literal syang tinutulak ng hangin papunta sa Padre Faura. Before she knew it, aba, nasa Del Pilar Street na pala sya. Ilang metro din yun. Base sa agham, mas malakas ang puwersa ng kalikasan sa kahit sinong nilalang. Signal number 1 pa lang yan. Pero hindi ganon kadali ang struggle ng babae. Dangan kasi, habang tinutulak sya ng hangin papunta sa Del Pilar St., hindi nya maitiklop ang malaking payong dahil malalaki din ang patak ng ulan. At dahil nga sa lakas ng hangin, pakiramdam ng babae para syang si Hulk sa panggigigil para hindi liparin ang mabigat at malaking payong. As in yung panggigigil na halos lumabas at pumutok ang mga ugat, tendons at ligaments (huh?). Kaya matapos ang pakikipagbuno sa hangin, mistulang medium na iniwan ng espiritu ng nagwawalang kapre ang pakiramdam ng babae. Ito ang paliwanag kung bakit pag-uwi niya sa bahay, sumasakit ang lahat ng kanyang kasu-kasuan. Nangako ang babaeng sa susunod na pagkakataon, mag-aabang na lang sya ng cab sa taxi bay kasama ng Manila's Finest.

Talaga naman. Sa susunod, magtitiyaga na lang akong maghihintay ng taxi 'no. Sakit pa ng braso ko hanggang ngayon.

Susunod... Ang nakalipas na adventures ng babae sa mala-na-time warp na Biyernes ng gabi with the caritela and the cuchero slash swimming instructor.

Plus...ang mga hirit ng kasamahan ng babae sa trabaho.

Abangan sa mga susunod na siglo, basta kung kelan sisipagin ulit na mag-blog ang babae.