Sunday, August 29

Sabi Nila...

"Watch her closely..."
- anonymous, ayoko mawalan ng trabaho 'no?

"How can I watch her'no na ako magfi-Friendster?"
- ako po

"Watashi, kung tayo na lang ang natitirang tao sa mundo, magpapa-c*** c*** ka ba sa akin?"
- Mark Takano

"Kung after a year, pareho pa din tayong single, tayong dalawa na lang."
-Mark Takano ulit

"Ayoko 'no!!"
- ako po

"Tinanggihan mo sya?"
- super obsessed sa Japayuki fashion

"Oo naman 'no!"
- ako at si Eizilla

"Bwiset kayo, puwes, kung tayong tatlo na lang ang natitira sa isang baka..."
- Mark Takano, unfinished statement dahil ako at si Spongebob ay hindi na tumigil kakatawa

"Nung tinanong nga ako ng 'Where do I put this?' baka naman naghahanap sya ng basurahan, eh tinuro ko sa ibabaw ng desk mo, at kinain naman natin!"
- Spongebob, matapos makadiscover ng mold sa putong bigay ni Mr. Kayumanggi

"Feel free to approach me if you have question."
- anonymous, one of her many patawa statements

"Oh, kaya mo yan..pano kung marami kang tanong, e di iisa-isahin mo ang paglapit sa kanya?? Eh pano kung sabi nya 'if you have questions' eh iisa lang ang tanong mo?"

"Kalangan mong ipunin ang mga tanong mo bago mo sya lapitan."
- ako po

"Bakit, meron bang nakalagay na sign na bawal pumasok ang tubig sa Embassy?"
- my Mom, sundot sa statement kong, "Would you believe, binaha nga rin dito sa loob ng Embassy?"

"Natural, bawal silang pumasok, kailangan muna nila ng visa."
- ako po, pang-asar lang

"Tingnan mo, kamukha ni Mar Roxas si Alf."
-ako po

"Akala mo naman kung sino kang maganda."
- kaibigan kong iiwan ang kanyang asawa at anak kapag nag-propose ng kasal si Jericho Rosales sa kanya

"Di ba sa FEU ka? Bakit maka-Blue Eagles ka?"
- ako po, to Spongebob

"Eh bakit ba?"
- Spongebob

"Social climber ka. Palibhasa malapit ka sa Katipunan, feeling mo Atenista ka na?"
- ako po

"Ha? Ano? May opinyon ka?"
- Mark Takano, tugon kay Spongebob na biglang humihirit na lagi namang wala sa timing eto, naspeechless ako dito...

"Tara na Judith, mag-resign na tayo, wala na tayong gagawin!!"
- Emma Noel, sa kalagitnaan ng meeting with the staff, and the omnipotent demigoddess

Wednesday, August 18


It is so easy to say but very hard to do.

It is easy to say that I will stand in the middle.

Kaya lang, 'yung mga taong involved will not think that way.

Syempre nga naman, hindi sila ganun katanga to think na "wala kang kinakampihan".

Well, ako...meron namang kinakampihan. Pero hindi ako marunong pumapel. Hindi ako magvovolunteer ng alam ko. Kung ganun ako...yung magsasabi sa both parties ng alam ko?
Naku, eh mas magulo kayo ngayon!! Humility aside, I know more than what you guys think I know.

As long as MY job is not at stake, I hope they could learn to believe na nasa gitna lang ako. Magsiraan kayo all you want, hindi ako makikialam. I will have my say on it...but I will not voice it out dahil hindi ako kasali sa gulo ninyo.

Grabe talaga. Basta ako, sa maniwala kayo sa hindi, I look forward to my reading time everyday. I don't even think of work that much. At basta ako...maganda! There. That's the spirit! Yeah!

Saturday, August 14


Welcome back to me!

Just had no time and energy to blog. I have not even religiously followed my reading time routine. A lot has happened though.

I have a new phone. Weee. Gone are the agonizing moments of just when you're in the middle of texting a very important reply, the phone screen would read "Insert SIM". Thanks to Mom who shouldered the cost because I really don't want to touch my depleting savings. Mwehehehe.

As usual, new books have come my way. I lifted my self-imposed moratorium on book-buying exactly two weeks after I decided to "implement" it. Blame those super cheap hardbound books from Booksale. Got Caleb Carr's Killing Time, a British chicklit, The Final Conclave, a rather old take on the Vatican scandal and conspiracies stirred by Angels and Demons and Day of Confession, which also tackles the conclave chuva but I bought it because the author was "the bestselling author of The Day After Tomorrow". Wala lang. Ganun ako eh. Aside from colorful covers, I tend to buy books based on recent hype. I'm such a cheapskate 'no? But I bought Neil Gaiman's American Gods and I intend to start it soon. It turned out to be a good deal as Erwin promised to lend me Neverwhere, if I enjoyed American Gods, and we would swap. Just last night, he told me about Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, something that I pass by when I peruse shelves. Let's see. And speaking of books....

I finished Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married and I enjoyed it. I also finished The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and good thing I didn't give it up because it is really a heartwarming book. I realized that I've met a lot of people that I do not have a permanent set of friends who I can "share pants with". Well, the characters were still young, and I am quite out of their league, horizon-wise. Amazingly, out of sheer fascination, I related the characters to myself and three of my online friends, Patty, Tammy and Marie. Let's see...Patty could be Bridget, Tammy could be Lena, Marie could be Tibby and I could be Carmen. Hehehe. This is something that should not be taken seriously....

But this one should be. I am supposed to believe that I am off to bigger challenges in my "career" (I like the term!) since April of last year. I must be prolonging the illusion that since I am the youngest in the office, that should still give me more leeway. But the recent events had me realizing how real a real workplace is. I am proud to say, no matter what they think, that i am standing in the middle of all these. I may not gain the complete, unadulterated trust of "both" (invisible?) parties but I am free to connect with whoever I want. It will be hypocitical to say that I do not take sides. But in cases like this, it may be the wisest to receive each side, sew your mouth shut, and retain whatever's said in your brain, to give it some activity. It may even help me rationalize. Naks lalim no? Asteeg. But seriously, if there's one who's targeted for performance, one who has been branded to be emotional, one who has been the evil one, to many, all along, one who has been unreliable, and add to that their own league of followers...saan ka pupunta di ba? Save the fact that you cannot get out if you can't take the heat. I am trying hard to see the positive and negative to all of these. Yun nga lang, people may not--will not---always see things and try to comprehend things the way I plan to do. Most of them will surrender to being blind and side with what's convenient. And add to that this unconfirmed but disturbing news I got about the job evaluation by the State Department. Hay ewan. Frankly, on my way home last night, I tried to think of what I could possibly do to cope with the events forthcoming. And where did I arrive at? Worrying about waxing my armpits. Anyhow, I could almost see Chelli typing away an email after reading this. It won't be long, as she would probably email me separately about what's latest. The gist will be: "Fill me in!". And now that I mentioned Chelli....

I totally miss her. Syempre sasabihin ni Chelli kung tlagang miss ko sya bakit hindi man lang ako makapag-email. Syempre guilty look lang ang pwede kong isagot dyan. But she's terribly missed by the team. It has always been, "Naku kung nandito si Chelli.." Mahirap talaga if somebody goes away. Although just last week, I made new friends, sharing a common passion. Siguro ganun nga yun, some will go, new ones will come. And those who stay, depende na sa 'yo. There are those who remember and there are some na nagkakaroon ka ng effort to reconnect. At napag-usapan din lang yan...

I must have forgotten my former desire to have a "date" with my Makati-slaved friends. I intend to regularize it but it seems to go pffft because of schedule.I found a new diversion though...playing badminton with Joy, Daisy, Joel and Tita Marivic. Last time I went, I suffered muscle pains for the next four days. But it was fun. My boss is inviting me to go back to the gym but I have yet to give it a thought. Speaking of boss....

Na-influence ko na si Tita Beth, nyahahaha!! She is anticipating the DZMM Musikasaysayan TV coverage dahil kina Mar at Korina. Hehehehehe!! And I don't need to explain why I am looking forward to Sunday.

Welcome back to me. I am sleepy.

Monday, August 9

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Been wanting to blog but can't. Won't.

Busy. Not just pretending to be.


New book. See if I will appreciate Neil Gaiman.

Currently reading Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.


Just dropped by.

Won't play bowling tomorrow because body still hurts.

Monday, August 2



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Peaceful and nurturing nature????? Peaceful...and..nurturing..nature?????