Saturday, October 30


It's been a long week!! I went home a bit late last night because I met up with Kathy and my goddaughter Asha, with her two other ninangs, Ninch and Madz. More about that later. Just want to post these Punta Fuego pics, though late.

This week we also had the second food tasting session at the Century Park. Mas okay ang selection ngayon compared last week, and the group is much livelier. Rej, Joy and nanette came to join, along with Ian and John so it's a bigger group with bigger appetite. Kahit katawang babae, bitukang bakulaw ako it is my principle naman not to eat anything that I can't pronounce. Bakit ba kasi it's common for these hotel-prepared foods na hindi mo mapronounce at first try ang mga pangalan. Yung isa sa mga desserts na pinatry sa amin even the waiter has had difficulty prnouncing it..kaya ask na lang layman's terms, ano ang tawag dun?? Bleh, pudding lang pala. Admittedly, masarap naman lahat, except for the veggie rolls that I won't try even if you pay me. The baby back ribs--oh mayn, true pala yun na pag masarap pagkain, titirik mata mo, hahahaha!! I hope we made a good selection for the guests this year. We are moving to a bigger venue than last year. It was not cramped naman last year but I guess CG is expecting a bigger turnout this year plus the gatecrashers na since red ID, alangan namang di mo papasukin di ba? Tss. We are having the party at the hotel's grand ballroom with a 300-person capacity. But the space will be maximized with the stage, the crepe and pichon stations on both sides, and of course the buffet table pa. as for the band, don't wanna dwell into it, pero the band last year, Flintstones, was soooo great. They were real performers talaga. Kaso bwiset, as in bwiset, these americans have this fascination for the Sexbomb Dancers...eeeewww!! Kahit Naughty or Nice ang theme, napakalimited ng repertoire ng mga babaeng ito no, pueo "awww" lang naman kayang sabihin nun, and I really doubt if they can sustain the Consular people's standards. Eeeeew di ba? Actually, CG does not want to have any celebrities in the party....kahit gratis...all the more pa nga kung gratis di ba kasi hihingi yun ng favor in return. Since the Sexbomb recently applied and they were amused, I suggested why not get Southborder?? Na-impress din naman sila sa band when they were in the office. Even Ms. Ging of PAL agreed with me (eh pano pala, Rainbow ringtone nya, hahahahaha!!). Better yet, get the in-house band of Century Park, baka mas makatipid pa. Hay, I dunno. In the end, sila naman magdedecide. Bahala sila.
I said it's a long week and the meeting yesterday with the bosses really made feel guilty. Siguro nga kasi tamad-ramaran naman drama ko for a year. Siguro if I had been exerting much effort mas lighter to bear yung sudden overhaul nila ng workflow namin. It is good, and I agree that all transition stages are never easy...imagine mo, galing ba naman sa isang post na malakas ang personality ng tao like Kiev...tapos mapupunta ka dito...hay. I felt that they are shaking our equilibrium. I hope lang this will yield good results. Ang mahirap lang, yung feeling na parang walang tiwala sa iyo, and they look down on you early on. It is okay to impose but you should review what are currently practiced dahil kami naman won't be here, won't be commended, won't be sought by other Posts for assistance, if we are not good at what we do. Oh well, signature naman nila nandun eh, bahala silang magmukhang tanga at bobo. I don't know if they know how clever and mean these Pinoy applicants and immigration lawyers can be. As they say, life goes on. And sino si Bisugo? Eh di sya. Hmph. tama ka Erwin, if you can't do anything, resort to name-calling!! Hahahahaha!!
Dito na lang tayo sa happy news. I met Asha finally!! She's the cutest. I was kinda surprised kasi hindi kosya masosolo because her other ninangs were there...maybe next time. Madami ding naikwento sana si Kathy...well, next time na nga lang. I actually know Ninch and Madz during our UP days pa but we never became close naman. They're nice naman and we're all awed by Asha. As I said, cute sya...pero hindi yung bata na annoying. She's at the stage where she imitates everything and everyone. I laughed hard when all of a sudden she chanted "Susan, Susan!!" We were like, "Sino si Susan?" Yun pala, si Susan Enriquez, di ba she has this show na Kay Susan Tayo? Funny. And her dad being a band member, and her hair that night na super curly, we were joking na baka hippie na sya in time. Aba, nag-start na sya mag-Peace! Peace! (with hand sign) to all of us, pati sa waiters!! Funny talaga. she was taken a back lang when the Don Hen servers started singing Happy Birthday to kasi naman, any two year old would be scared if moomoos sing to you no!! The servers were wearing costumes that night. They weren't actually scary, they were funny!! Sarap pagtripan. Kaya what Asha did was stare lang at them and when they left, that's when she started singing happy birthday to herself...matagal din yung kanta nya, kumbaga sa isang tape, parang naka-loop!! Hahahahaha!! I wish I could see her again soon. I am such a happy ninang, I plan to buy her anything cute, kasi super cute talaga sya. I am sharing some of her pics...pangit nga yung ibang shots kasi bad trip 'tong phone, she's so malikot kaya di ko makuha yung correct angle. Funny pa coz when we ask her to be still kasi kukunan sha, nawawala sya sa frame kasi she's trying to look for my face!! Aliw!! hinid naman narevive yung desire ko to have a baby just because I saw her pero grabe, she's so adorable.
I am so tired. I guess I should expect long weeks from now on. Raarr, pati yung web project ko with Chad and Weston, mukhang napabayaan ko na naman. Hay naku, Lord, help me. Cge, outtie muna!

Wednesday, October 27

Hinga ng malalim....exhale.

Raaarr, just when I am so excited about going to Oakwood for another Consular Party, our spirits were dampened by these erratic changes on the way we do our job. Okay lang i-murder ang drafts; honestly, I've not seen more of that in the past months, but to DO something with it can be a bit unnerving...respeto lang sa drafter. I understand the fact that it's the First/Second Secretary's name appearing on the actual letter but it's another story if you manipulate it, making the drafter feel na napakainutile ng gawa niya. As of this time, ako pa lang ha...not counting Erwin and Eiselle, may 2 cases nang obviously they didn't understand what the refusal issue was about. Banat kasi ng banat eh. Harumph.

Eto na sinasabi ko eh. You don't disappoint a very weak-hearted person like me. Just when I'm bent on staying until 6:30 pm in the office, avoiding the ATM and a reading time, I am going to do just the opposite. Nakakainis kasi eh. To think I am actually saving that money for my goddaughter Asha's birthday 'coz I have a lot to make up for.Kasi bruha yung nanay nya sinabi sa akin na ninang nya ako, mag-wa-one year old na sya. Parang nagtataka pa ata si Kathy kung bakit minsan gusto ko sya sabunutan, eh?

So there, I am going now. Wishing against the greatest of wishes that I can log on tonight and finish that diary draft. And oh, I am going to buy that Custo Barcelona blouse from Tita Tess. Just have to remind myself to text Tita Ditos the night before I actually wear it in the office 'coz she has the same blouse. Finally, a Custo Barcelona...I used to drool over it when Kris Aquino shows it off on Morning Girls. O, ano Eman, nareinforce na naman ba ang theory mo na I 'worship' Kris Aquino? Loko ka a.
A diary-style entry has been in draft status for four days now. Too bad, I won't be able to blog tonight dahil mag-eexpand-expandan kunyari ako ng mundo. I just came back from the second food tasting session at Century Park Hotel for the Consular Christmas Party. Hay, more about it next time. Basta all I know is that I ate like a bakulaw today. Sarap pala ng kasama ang mga bossing, lunch break mo from 12nn to 3 pm, hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Thursday, October 21


I will never be an intellectual. A smart aleck, perhaps, but not a real deal intellectual. See, I've tried to read anything with complex subject matters but I end up putting the book/journal down halfway and/or my brain nerves threatening to pop because of too much pressure. I get amused easily, I get impressed easily. I am gullible. I can "Wow" at less-than-great things. All because that way, I get to finish what I'm reading, and my brain nerves do not hurt one bit.

I guess I am made for simple things. Oh well, I am simple, really. While a lot of females in my league at the least aspire for world domination, I simply live for a day and prepare for tomorrow. This, despite what other people say to and about me. That because I have a loud voice, I can somehow command authority. That because of what I attained early on, I am not ordinary. Quite wrong.

Moments come to me at times when I think of my future and this simple existence flashes before me. That's about it. However, I have to work hard prior to attaining that simplicity; a lot of things (and people) have to be settled first because aiming for that simple existence would be too selfish of me.

*fingers snapping*

Putek, serious!!! Ayan, nakalimutan ko tuloy yung tunay na ikukuwento ko. Raarrr.

Monday, October 18

Erika, Margaret, Good & Bad News

Monday again!! The day of the week when I feel the laziest. As in. Several bad news came today:

1. My nephew Moi caught dengue. My bro said he got it in school. Just this morning, his sister Mai was tested positive for dengue too.

2. My pink frosted bracelets were broken. I took them out of my wrist when I freshened up after lunch and they slid down the tissue dispenser where I put them for a while. Just one big clink and I saw parts of the bracelets all over the floor. Too bad.

3. Tita Dina of PIASI passed away. I was so mean pa coz I thought "nawala na sya", means natanggal sya sa work. Only when Noime said that she died, I felt so shocked. We never became close, I only got to spend two months with her during my internship. They say she's cranky daw, which she is, kinda, but she has a very jolly personality din.

4. I have a meeting with the Consul General tomorrow with the website team. See, it's my laziness and procrastination finally taking a toll on me. I am still swamped with work and this project I volunteered to work on (but have not done since) is finally haunting me. Tamad, tamad, tamad kasi eh.

5. My savings are depleting. Sobrang gastos ko lately. To think I don't have a family to support. I only have myself. I give my Mom money but I never learned to manage my money well. Basta.

6. My singaw hurts. Tss, what's singaw in English? Lipsore? Ewan. Basta it hurts when I eat. It became like that when I bit my lip last Friday. Sakit, sobra. But it didn't stop me from eating a lot. At least, I am gauging my tolerance for pain. Tipong tulo na luha mo when a single morsel of any food touches it, pero sige pa rin. Weeehee.

But more good news came my way too. Blessings in different forms and sizes which make me realize that life ain't really bad.

1. I finished a lot of work today. No further elaboration. Baka maubos ang blog space.

2. I am slowly adjusting to my "Me, Myself and I" mode. It's good, really.

3. As of this typing, Moi's platelets are okay. No need for a blood transfusion.

4. I finished my weekly review. Don't ask for what.

5. I gave my birthday gift to Eiselle. She loved it so much.

6. We will have an increase in pay! It will take effect on the 28th of November. After the bonus na pero at least, di ba?

7. And our year-end bonus is just 22 days away. May OT pay din dun. Woohoo!! Although as they say, parang dadaan lang sa hands mo ang bonus, but hell, it won't hurt to splurge naman di ba? I can finally pay my debt (to Mom--I only borrow money from Mom...mas flexible ang payment schemes!! Minsan pwede pang totally forgotten na lang!!), buy that book cabinet I've been eyeing for months (it's huge! Para matahimik na mga books ko sa iisang storage lang!), save a portion for books (a portion daw o) and another portion for my Divisoria indulgences, DVDs included (Hi, Edu!). Syempre, save a portion too, for the rainy day. Plus, Christmas is approaching, hirap pag alang moolah sa Pasko.

8. I have three new second-hand books.

And from that last item, I will tell you that in part, I buy books because of the cover. True! I also buy if I sampled one's work and I enjoyed it...ayun, tuloy tuloy na (perfect example is Carl Hiaasen. But he's good naman). There are times naman na series kasi...even though I have no idea if the series is good or not. Example is the Stephanie Plum mystery adventures by Janet Evanovich. I found the titles fun, i.e "One for the Money:", "Two For The Dough", "Three To Get Deadly" until "Ten Big Ones". Another one is the Mission Earth series of L.Ron Hubbard. Prior to that, I bought his Battlefield Earth, whose movie version I didn't like. I still haven't given up on the truth that the book is always better than the movie version. And oh, I have not read any Plum or Mission Earth book. I wish I could find time. I'm trying to but have not been successful. Anyway, still on the let's-buy-all-the-books-of-this-author trip I have, I bought 3 books just before I got home. I've said here before that I bought Erica Jong's Fear of Fifty. I saw her prior book, Fear of Flying for a very cheap price. I pride Jong to be so witty and sarcastic. I just browsed Fear of Fifty and I know I am going to enjoy her writing.

Next is Margaret Atwood's. As you know, I've been wanting to get a copy of Oryx & Crake. Nakakalat lang sya sa National but I have not bought it kasi there are more important things to spend my money with. Luckily, I found two of her books prior to Oryx. I started one of them while munching french fries and both of them seem interesting. One is The Edible Woman, written on, take note, 1969:

Her name is Marian. She's a very proper young woman. The only man she sleeps with is the one she's going to marry. The only thing she wants from her work is to leave it as soon as possible. The only future she has to look forward to is the same kind that all her friends have settled for...tied to a home and children. Then something happens. It begins with a sexual encounter as exhilarating as it is unexpected. And it keeps getting wilder and wilder.

Another one, which I started, is Atwood's acclaimed The Handmaid's Tale. So interesting, it goes:

In the world of the near future, who will control women's bodies?

Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She may leave the home of the Commander and his wife once a day to walk to food markets whose signs are now pictures instead of words because women are no longer allowed to read. She must lie on her back once a month and pray that the Commander makes her pregnant, because in an age of declining births, Offred and the other Handmaids are only valued if their ovaries are viable.

Offred can remember the days before, when she lived and made love with her husband Luke; when she played with and protected her daughter; when she had a job, money of her own, and access to knowledge. But all of that is gone now....

Gee. books. At sleepy na ako. Hohum.

Saturday, October 16

ang blog-worthy details ng buhay ko eh naiisip ko sa mga lugar na malayo ako sa computer. ergo, wala akong maisip na maayos ngaun kasi nakaharap ako sa computer. ahahahaha.....

ano ba? OT ako today. kaso sa next next pay day pa magrereflect. kasabay ng bonus, wahoo! yung ek ek drama kong moratorium sa isa kong obsession at pag-o-overhaul daw ng aking priorities, what becomes main and what are only the peripheries...mukhang successful naman. 2 days pa lang naman. ang overused na term na 'baby steps' ang ginagawa ko so i'm hoping it will yield good results.

by the way, the punta fuego stay last week was so fun!! food galore, though i didn't get to be with them sa beach. dakilang spectator (spectatress?) at camerawoman ako. it gave me time to read and sleep breath fresh air na din. the long walks did a lot to me. syempre, occasionally yung mga ramblings na
'alam kong masama ang mainggit pero holy camote, ang aastig ng mga bahay dito!'

as usual, new books. new second-handbooks pala. since i didn't finish books 7 and 8 of the left behind series at least bago umalis si emanski, i could take my time na daw kasi mahirap mag-set ng meeting just to give him the books and for him to give me that heather graham vcd!! sabi ko naman sa yo eman, mag-leave ka sa 2nd day mo sa new job mo. abah, at least sa 2nd day ka nag-leave. tell your boss na if ur a bad employee, nung first day ka sana nag-leave di ba??

anyway, eto lang ang 3 sa mga pinag-ubusan ko na naman ng pera na sana eh pambili ko pa ng pagkain till next payday or kung anumang necessity:

i am also increasing my vanity fair colection. la lang, as if naman maafford ko kasi yung current issue. syempre, wait ka muna ng ilang months. walang masama dun, wag kayo makialam. yun na lang siguro christmas gift na hihingin ko sa sis and bro-in-law ko..pati sa niece ko kay year subscription ng vanity fair! yohoo....
lai...*wink wink*

another thing, i like how dominick dunne writes. i have 2 of his books pero hindi ko pa nababasa pareho (what's new, juday?). that is why i am planning to read them, the two mrs. grenvilles and an inconvenient woman, after i am completely done with the left behind series. ay hindi..naku, aalis na nga pala si erwin...i have to finish the ones he lent me...good omens tsaka catch-22...pero hinde, hindi ko sila muna babasahin para may dahilan pa kaming kulitin si erwin kahit nasa VA na sya. huhuhuhu.

i went to a record bar today and i secretly hoped merong magbibigay nitong mga ito sa akin sa pasko...hahaha..uulitin ko ang post na ito bago mag-pasko para may reminder...eto, silang 2 lang naman...

:: Soundtrack ng Will & Grace, obvious ba? Brr!

:: Yung isa eh yung The Best of Disney, wala akong makitang album cover eh! Basta. Basta.

at!! isang malaking at!! ang dalawang astig na libro/komiks na dapat kong mabili...or okay din kung may magbibigay...hahahahahaha!! astig talaga:



gastos, puro gastos. at eto sa strong enough ni stacey orrico at affected sa hidwaan DAW nina lindsay lohan at hillary duff. i like the former more eh. i watched a cinderella story a week ago at ayun..di napa-shift ni hillary ang loyalty ko. she's just...shall i say..wholesome, therefore likeable. hay, dami problema ng pilipinas, eto ang pinagtutuunan ko ng panahon.

Friday, October 15

It's over. The interview, I mean.

Okay lang.

As Ryan told me, I need not hold my breath as 90% of the positions will retain their grades. Besides, whatever happens to Tita Beth, Erwin and Eiselle's CAJE, I will just comfortably sit in the middle of them. So far, they feel positive vibes. Let's see in 8 weeks. And more CAJE ramblings next time.
No melodramatic musings, no PF getaway updates as yet.

As of this moment, I am so giddy to the bones. In 15 minutes, I will be grilled. I have always been so secure of what I really do in the office but it's still different when they will evaluate you (and yes, it's a big deal if you are aiming for a long overdue grade increase!). Gee, they have not been able to give me the grade commensurate to what I currently do so why subject myself in agony shaking in fear for this freaking CAJE interview??? They still owe me that increase which I should just wait for as I can't leap that much in a year.

Syet, kinakabahan ako. Makapaglagay na nga ng piso sa talampakan. Brr.

Friday, October 8

Just so I'll remember:

:: Desperate Housewives

:: Louise Woodward

:: Scrubs

:: Heather Graham

:: Left Behind Series

:: Gilmore Girls

Matigas ang ulo ni Octavsky!! Kaya Punta Fuego, here I come!!!

I am so touched. Mahal nila ako. I have to come. O baka dahil lang sa hotdogs na naka-assign na dadalhin ko kaya pilit sila ng pilit na sumama. But I am going, weee!!

Of course, my Mom is coming too. Maysakit pa kasi ako, she doesn't really trust me enough to let me go with just my word na I won't do anything stupid. Bahala na tomorrow. Hay naku, I bluntly told them I really need to be home before 6 pm ng Sunday kasi...*hiya* manonood me ng Rated K...may guest appearance si Mar Roxas...uyyy....!!! (Wag na mag-react no!)

No ofc on Monday because it's Columbus Day so see you na lang by then. And before I forget..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHELLI!!!! I love you!!! Mali ata yung email add na ginamit ko, baket di ka nagreply saken?? Anyhow, I wish you the best esp next month. Don't worry, both you and josh will be okay. As in. Can't wait to see you next year!! Labshu!!
I am so stressed out lately. Emotionally, at least. My mom confirmed my hunch that perhaps God made me fell of the stairs on purpose (weird eh?) so I will be away when this mess ensues. I expected this to happen but not too soon. And now, I'm out of the office, recuperating, but I don't know if I will be thankful.

Part of me says, good for me, because whatever happens I will not be there. My mom says so too. I have been battling the idea of going or not going since last night, until mom gave me this litany, stressing "kung wala kang direct involvement hindi ka dapat pumunta" and "kung pupunta ka doon, you will be forced by the situation to take sides, may ididisappoint kang isa, mas mabuting wala ka doon". Funny, but i asked my mom for the nth time, with the lead-in "Bilang mommy ko, sa tingin mo, dapat pa ba akong pumunta?" And there she went with her litany again. Actually, it was my mom and Tita Beth, two people whose opinions I value so much, who implied the same thing. I guess, that is more than enough sign. Plus, I am not yet well. I had a fever when I woke up at 6 this morning, which subsided around 9 am. Darn, I can't even take a bath! And chances are, my fever could go back this afternoon because I used the computer na naman. Tigas ng ulo noh?

On a lighter note, I find it funny that the people around me are not the panicky type. Instead of worrying because of what happened to me, they spewed things like, "O, saan ang masakit? Bababa lang kasi ng hagdan... " (it's actually a rather politically correct term for "Ang laki-laki mo na, baba lang ng hagdan, tatanga-tanga ka pa"). It helped though, because if I see them worrying I would be more dead worried. Good thing I have enough fats in my body which shielded me from the blow kaya no apparent bone fracture happened. Mahirap lang na parati akong nakapamewang kasi it hurts when I put it down like a normal right arm. Ang yabang tuloy ng asta ko siguro. Ahehe.

Wednesday, October 6

Fifteen years ago I...
- was 7 and an innocent student
- stood up in front of the blackboard forever as I didn't know what's one-third of 99

Ten years ago I...
- was a freshman in highschool
- was vice president of the class but lost in the overall year-level election
- began writing for the school paper
- let Ralph go
- led a thousand students in a modern dance in a field demonstration

Five years ago I...
- had been touring museums for my Hum II class
- juggled my time writing for the university paper, training for the debate team and helping in a university political party (in three months I gave them all up for varied reasons)

Two years ago I...
- was jobless and idled my day listening to Korina Sanchez's morning radio show, reading books, sleeping, watching Jackie Chan Adventures, and talking to Freida on the phone
- worked in a call center (at about the same period today) and started to love Makati, especially knowing that my office building is only beside P.A.'s events management office (Marie would know who P.A. is)

One year ago I...
- rode a yacht as part of the Consular Field Trip.
- felt uninterested.
- started to collect books.

Yesterday I...
- fell off the stairs
- visited my aunt in the hospital
- got assassins from Eman
- loaded 115 pesos

Today I...
- visited my aunt again
- felt my right arm hurting
- updated my blog
- emailed Chelli and Lai
- finished Apollyon
- withdrew 300 pesos
- laughed
- missed someone

Tomorrow I will...
- work (ahem)
- go to SM or wherever to buy sarong for our weekend getaway
- prepare the presentation my boss asked me to do for the Christmas party
- shave my legs
- greet Aldrin "Hi!"

Things I cannot live without...
- books
- cellphone
- radio
- TV

I've been aching for...
- more books
- some more books
- an iBook

Guilty Pleasures...
- books
- magazines
- books
- pepperoni pizza
- blogging
- books
- have i mentioned books?
My skinmaker's bandwidth problem has been settled. Di na ako papalit ng skin, very good. I know better now, nasa photobucket ko na yung images, para hindi na kame maghihiwalay forever. Hahaha, ano ba yun!

Excited na ako sa Saturday!! Punta kame Punta Fuego. Kaya lang, nahulog ako ng stairs kagabi. As in bog-bog-bog, na instead of my ass, I used my right arm to protect my head from hitting the steps. Then I used my left leg para pang-brake. Kaya ayun, ang sakit, whew. But I still went to work, mahirap na maintriga. I'm just watchnig it kasi baka hindi lang sya normal na bruises, baka may fractured bone/s, pano na ako mag-su-surfing nyan sa weekend? Charing.

Tuesday, October 5

Darn. Just when I decided to love my current skin, and forget my airport thingie happened.

Mamafai's freewebs bandwidth has exceeded and yes, I didn't save the skin images in my server or wherever. Who would have thought? I haven't. Bwaha. Karma.

So I am forced to change my blogskin. Agirr. I tried substituting the image with my own pic, ayaw eh..bwehehe, sobrang vanity na daw kasi. Besides, the layer beneath the posts, I can't do it din eh.

Operation:New skin ito. Agirr. Kung kelan ko na sya labs.


Friday, October 1

*listening to maroon 5's she will be loved*

another work week has passed. it's already the first of october. four more days till...ahem. eight more days before the planned trip.

*music changed to avril lavigne's don't tell me*

obviously wala akong mailagay. whew. monday...i forgot what happened. tuesday...i forgot na din...wednesday...had my reading time at mcdo-rob but cut it short because tammy called me about something which made me go home immediately. no, it wasn't about the weather. reading time because i did some errand and finally completed the true philippine ghost stories having bought books 4 and 5. friday...ayun...okay lang.

and oh, i worked nga pala from monday till friday. ahehe.

*currently listening to aerosmith's crazy*

career-wise, i am torn. phew, super complicated sya, it cannot be told in a gist. basta. lovelife? ahehe, next item please. immediate plans? well, if everything goes well as planned, we are going to punta fuego for a weekend next next saturday. maybe meet mar roxas in the next few weeks. of course, if there would be some glitches, next weekend will see me reading books at home, updating this blog or simply sleeping, and i will not meet mar roxas. that simple.

shameless confession: i bought total girl again. you know, this teen mag i told you about in a previous post. eh bakit ba. and for 30 pesos, i grabbed this book titled the carbohydrate addict's diet . wala lang , might get something eeny-weeny helpful from it. i am telling you, without carbs, i will be nothing. that darn south beach diet will be the death of me.

hay, i dunno if i will be depressed or whatever. this is eiselle's fault. depression probably does not really go away. kasi i saw her gradually becoming okay from last week's so weird stage and parang sa akin nalipat. you know that feeling, yung parang malungkot ka hindi mo naman alam dahilan. gee.

*listening to evanescence's my immortal*

eto, share na lang me ng pics:

advanced celeb ng birthday ni eiselle, sa oct 6 pa sya eh:

she blows.... >>>

she slices.... >>>

<<< define siopao.

bagay ba? di ba mukhang lampshade?>>>

< sige lang, libre lang mag-pacute

: wag iindyanin ang gang sa F1 event na yan kahit hindi kilala si fernando alonso (syempre isama si mommy so i can stay longer & erhaps make gala after! wee!)

: finish soul harvest while drying the painted finger and toenails

: email chelli and lai

: try to catch the other gang to chat, watchsports unlimited na rin, ahehe

: try hard not to be cranky


oh...tagal na pala open yung go nuts donuts sa rob!! never pa me nakapunta!! grr!!! at ngayon ko lang naappreciate and LAUNCHcast!!! ayoko lang sya as of this moment kasi it's playing truly, madly, deeply!! eeek!!! the haunting memories of senior high!! brr!!