Tuesday, November 30

i didn't go to the office this morning. kasi ba naman, i slept with all my windows open kaya ayun, i felt like hardened cement paggising ko. mwehe. anyway, i conditioned myself kaya nakapasok na rin ako ng after lunch. and whew, tons of work to do. i don't want to blog about how these new bosses are making our work harder. as in. kasi eh...hmph.

anyway, over the weekend, i got to watch angels in america. three of the four people i talked to did not like it. hello, why naman?? it is not as real as one expects. hello. maybe if you've read american gods by neil gaiman you'll be able to appreciate this tv movie more. i have not gotten to the 2nd part though...and i am hoping na that dvd i bought won't fail me. i bought it for P75 in divisoria. akalain ko bang more than 6 hours ata yung buong yun. di ko kinaya, i only watched the 1st part which had three chapters. wala pang gaanong moments si meryl streep, so i believe yung pang-award moments nya eh nasa second part...she gets to play different roles. well, many of them did. al pacino was in his shittiest best..o baka may hangover pa rin ako dun sa role nya sa insomnia, which i also watched last saturday naman. and oh, jeffrey wright as belize is undeniably the best. basta. galing nya. that resto scene alone got me. and appearance pa lang...former drag queen slash nurse na kalbo..san ka pa? hehe. basta galing. but ten, based on what i watched pa lang, justin kirk as the homosexual prior walter was also good. please try to see it. i will finish the 2nd part this weekend. i am refraining from reading different sites about it nga eh..just don't want spoilers.

at hindi pala sira dvd player namin kasi nag-play yung spongebob na dvd ni eiselle. wee, sobrang aliw ako. i finished disc 1 of the first season...all 20 episodes (?). will finish disc 2 this weekend din. i also started 13 going on 30. okay lang...vcd naman kasi eh kaya i stopped muna after the first disc. tinamad lang ako.but the movie is funny. light. okay lang.

my blood pressure is down to 90/60 again. dapat ka bang nagpapakuha ng BP if you have your period? that could have made the difference. at any rate, my Mom won't accept any justification for staying up late. hokey.

Saturday, November 27


random pics from erwin's last day in niv. nothing extraordinary..kami-kami lang..as usual..mga pa-vain!!

Yan...paganyan ganyan lang kami pag walang amo. to think ako ang in charge sa office ng time na yan kasi may training si tita beth. bwahahahaha!!!

tell me, meron ba kayong ka-opisinang nagdadala ng giraffe sa workplace?? si eiselle lang yan. ang giraffe na yan ay si geoffrey. pag pinindot mo yung tenga nya, magsasalita sya ng:

"have you hugged your giraffe today?"
(pindot ulit) "i'll always stick my neck out for you!"
(pindot ulit) "come on, let's play! oh..i have to say that, i'm the toy..."
(pindot ulit) "come on, squeeze me!"
(syempre pipindot ka ulit) "ouch, not that hard!"
(pindot ulit sabay kanta ng) "i don't wanna grow up, i'm a toys 'r us kiiiid..."
(at sa huling pindot) "i love toys so much, I became one, ha-ha-ha!"

jologs as it may seem, eto ang compulsory picture sa infamous manila bay sunset. see my pose? nyehe.

ang title daw ng pic na ito eh "ang babaeng mukhang bading sa breakwater"

group pic for our franklin award. pasensya na kayo sa ibang officemates ko, ganyan na talaga sila eh, wala na tayong magagawa. you probably know who are the ones i'm talking about, buwahahahaha!!!


if there's one person na magaling sumira ng plano, ako na yun. wee. i can plan something, as in from a to z plantsado then when i don't feel like it na, i can dump it at once ng walang sabi-sabi. i perfectly personify PAG GINUSTO, MAY PARAAN. *evil grin* i won't bother to mention specific instances because it may only crack up old wounds. i am a peace-loving person pa naman. woohoo.

if there's one thing i love to do, it's to travel. pero puro drawing yun, as in. ang pinakamalayo kong nararating, ay ang lungsod ng... makati..ay hindi..batangas naman pala lately. i used to reason out na i want to save money (or wala palang pera to start with) that's why i don't get to travel much. but it's a very lousy reason. kayang kayang gawan ng paraan kung gusto ko lang. pero yung downside ng panira sa plano ang forte ko eh. what i notice lang is that i tend to make things happen pag last minute yung decision. like the punta fuego vacation, hindi na talaga ako nun sasama kasi nga nahulog ako sa hagdan di ba, and the lure of the beach may worsen my condition (plus inggitera kasi ako talaga). pero ewan ko ba what came to me at nung kinagabihan before the trip, naisip kong sumama at magpakita na lang sa meeting place. maayos naman. isip ko minsan, baka dapat hindi ako nagpaplano. hmmmm.

sa ngayon, gusto kong pumunta ng roxas city. hindi nga. hindi dahil (sa inaakala nyong pagka-crush ko) kay sen. mar roxas. pwede ba?! well, isa yun, pero hindi naman siya pumupunta dun ng madalas ano?! i have a friend who has been telling me good things about the province. i have this impression na sya pa rin yung typical province where everybody knows everybody. ala-stars hollow, hope springs, everwood, etc...

speaking of roxas city, there's this shirt from islands souvenirs that i really looove to have. it's this shirt that says BEWITCHING CAPIZ. wala lang. aliw di ba? sadly, wala pala nun dito sa manila branches...dun lang sa roxas city. that's why i'm super thankful to my friend kathy for her offer. she will buy and ship the shirt here and in turn, ipapadala ko sa kanya yung dec-jan issue ng people asia as soon as it comes out (o, jacs sampayan, ang marketing ability ko, ultimo pagshiship ng magazine nyo sa ibang kapuluan ginagawa ko!). fair deal na yun. kathy, aylabyu aylabyu talaga.

syempre wish ko lang wag drawing ang lahat ng ito. baby steps para sa total fruition ng mga ito.

Friday, November 26

I live for books. I breathe them. Really. Aside from uhm..never mind...basta I love books. Whenever I indulge in food or books, I do not feel a tinge of guilt when I look at my wallet and find coins na lang. That's how much they mean to me. Nyaha.

Anyway, I would like to share my newly bought books for the past 15 days. My sidebar profile says that my choice of books are wide-range; I get carried away by hype and friends' recommendations. I get lured by colorful covers, too.Cheap 'no? But I am slowly learning to define the genre that I like. But I would like to make my choices as open as possible. After all, I discovered that my choice of reading materials vary with my moods, too.

I plan to collect lit classics. I already have Homer's Iliad, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Crime and Punishment and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (classic, eh?). This is just a part of the growing collection. Hope to read it soon, I only read a shortened version of it in highschool.

Another installment in the classics collection. Plus, this is (insert politician crush's name)'s fave. see, I told you I'm cheap. Buwaha.

I saw this book five years ago and I only chanced upon it behind Hillary Clinton's bio. This is about the woman with sixteen personalities...this was made into a TV movie starring Sally Field but I never saw it pa. I read there is a similar book, When Rabbits Howl by Truddi Chase, starring a man with (get this) 99 personalities. Whew.

Binili ko lang kasi mura. Hehe.

I bought this because almost everybody is raving about it. I had The Five People You Meet In Heaven since November of last year and they were raving about it by saying, "This is another good book after (Albom's) Tuesdays with Morrie."

Not just because she's also Judith but I really love Judith McNaught's romance books. As in her books made Evan and I tear at night, kunyari nakakarelate sa story/ies! I shied away from romance books, thinking that I had enough of them na but I felt na I may need this again para naman mainspire and hindi na lang puro conspiracy theories and murder and societal satire ang binabasa ko.

(The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time) This one I've been looking for since I read Fat Boy Saves World. In the tradition of Ian Bone's Fat Boy...and Dave Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day, I am curious how this one would fare. I chanced upon a paperback copy in National last Sunday. Good buy na rin.

Two things that made me buy it: It was from the "bestselling authors of The Nanny Diaries (which I've never read but is hilarious daw)" and a line from the back cover that says, "Working in a world where a college degree qualifies her to make photocopies...(I just felt I may be able to comprehend my sometimes-demeaning-work pattern)".

(The French Lieutenant's Woman) I've been wanting to buy this along with Atonement (which I have not bought pa rin kahit parang sinasadya na nyang magpakita sa akin!) but it's so mahal. It was reprinted kasi so the cover is classy na and all. What do you know, naghahalungkat lang ako this afternoon sa Booksale and there it was...albeit the old copy...but hey, the content is still the same naman!!! Imagine, it's originally P699 in NBS and I only got it for...taadaah...P15! And nga pala, his book The Magus creeped me out in highschool!

My 4th Dominick Dunne book. Mr. Dunne fulfills my social climber fantasies, whatever that means. He's one of the reasons why I collect Vanity Fair, too.

And yep, I bought Ang Kagilagilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah and man, it's so hilarious. It has a warning naman na it's for mature readers...and yung mga paconservative may be offended by some words. Pero hello, you should see how funny gay people are! And how resilient they are, how they can make everything easier to bear kahit may sariling hang-ups and kaartehan din sila sa katawan. Super funny, not only Zsazsa Zaturnnah (aka Ada) and her sidekick Didi!! Super!!! If this is made into a movie, parang di ko maimagine kung sino pwede magbigay ng justice sa role nina Zsazsa and Didi. Kudos to Carlo Vergara para sa isang napakakulit na masterpiece! Even the antagonists, the Amazonistas, headed by Stella Baroux, winner! I encourage you guys to buy one if you want to literally roll on the floor laughing!

(Note: All book images are taken from the Barnes & Noble website)
I've been hearing the remake of Walker Chris' How Do You Heal A Broken Heart for two weeks now. It is a duet, I dunno who sang it. I don't really like it. Walker Chris' version went out around 1994, if I'm not mistaken. Those were the days when I believe that crushes are true loves and that I can get pregnant by just sleeping with someone (and well, hugging him tight). And that the supposed "gestation period" is only a couple of hours. I used to have this fantasy that after sleeping together, I would wake up the next morning and surprise my "husband" over breakfast in bed that he's going to be a daddy. That's how pathetic I was.

Anyway, back to the song. As I said, I do not like it at all, no offense meant to the singers. They did not do justice to that beautiful and soulful song. Hay. I do not have a lovelife now and not having one is not a real cause for alarm, I'm telling you. But I still feel tears welling up my eyes everytime I hear the original version of this song:

I can't believe what I just heard
Could it be true
Are you the girl I thought I knew
The one who promised me her love
Where did it go
Does anybody ever know
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never beat this much again
Oh noI just can't let go
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never love this much again
(Oh no)Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow I'll pretend to let you go
And were you ever what you seemed
Or was I a fool who fell in love
With his own dream
And now you say you want to leave
Start a new life today
Those words I thought you'd never say
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never beat this much again
Oh noI just can't let go

How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never love this much again
(Oh no) Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow I'll pretend to
Wake and put it all behind me
And find that I have finally found
A new life, in my soul
And find that I know how to let you go...you go
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never beat this much again
Oh no I just can't let go
How do you heal a broken heart
That feels like it will never love this much again
(Oh no)Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow i'll pretend to
Wake and put it all behind me
And find that I know how to let you go
How sad.

Another song is If The Feeling Is Gone by Kyla, sung by Ella May Saison in 1995 (?). Kyla is uhm...good... but I love Ella May's version more talaga eh. Mas nasasaktan ako sa version ni Ella May. Huwahaha.

Thursday, November 25


So this is what a zombie feels like. A walking dead. Heaven help me, I may not remember my own name in the next three minutes.

Grabe, I woke up at 8 am today and was awake for 2.5 hours only. Took a quick breakfast, prepared the plastic cover for 56 (yes, 56) of my books left uncovered pa and simultaneously listened to a radio show. What I planned to be a short nap before lunch took a long time and I woke up at 7 pm na!!! No one bothered to wake me up because they ALL thought I was in the office. Ano ba yun!

So there. Lutang na lutang ang feeling.

Wednesday, November 24

My Wednesday

I went home at 9:35 p.m. which is past my curfew. Bwaha. Today is Erwin's last day with the Consular Section and come Wednesday he's jumping off to "greener pastures" via SSA. Goodluck, mi hermano oso. We had a simple going-away dinner for him in Harbor View with the whole team plus Nanette of FPU, Tito Ton and Erick. Busog, super busog but everything I ate dissolved like ice in Sahara Desert kasi Tito Ton, Tita Beth and I walked from Boardwalk to Rob! Talk about pahirap sa katawan. To think my feet is killing me because I am wearing my Mom's tan pumps to match daw with my bag. Before that, tama bang mag-goodbye hug kami ni Tita Beth kay Erwin sa tapat ng statue ni Carlos P. Romulo on the corner of U.N. Avenue and Roxas Boulevard??? Well, gauge daw 'yun ng love namin kay Erwin. He's off to Mindoro for a quick rest and to see his Mom kasi super inggit na sya pag Eiselle's mom or mine calls the office's direct line just to ask what's up with us. Inggiterong frog. Bwaha.

I had coffee while waiting for the pics to be developed (will scan them tomorrow). 19 Starbucks orders to go and I can have one of their Year 2005 planner. Eto na naman ako, mapagpatol sa promo ng mga oportunistang mamumuhuhnan at nagpapaalipin sa konsumerismo. Bleh.

I am sure preparations for Holiday parties are up and running for most offices now. We will have ours (Consular) on December 10, again on the Century Park hotel. This time, we are using the Grand Ballroom. Lucio Tan is so gracious huh pero no, no, no. Everything has to be a fair deal. The theme would be Naughty and Nice (I will be naughty) but unfortunately I have not thought of my costume yet. I planned to dress up and pick a partner in "crime" and we will come as Bonnie & Clyde. Erwin left and naku, KJ naman lahat ng natitirang male employees sa amin, so I really should have Plans B, C up to whatever. It has to be something I can be comfy wearing for the rest of the night, ayoko ng palit ng palit parang si Kris Aquino sa isang episode ng The Buzz. I do have a role in our little presentation pero it's easier to cover up whatever my real costume is kasi I will play a consul naman. Plus, I am asked to facilitate the games I made for the party (will tell you about them soon but so far, my favorite is "Balloonatic"!) so I may not have time to change at all.

Hah, no pasok tomorrow because of Thanksgiving!! Honestly, hindi ko naman mafeel. For many of us, tomorrow is just a day off from work. Naipit pa yung Friday kasi nag-declare si Pres. Arroyo that instead of the 30th, non-working holiday na lang ang 29th. Brrr, I am one of those who was not able to file my leave on this day. Oh well, I really can't be absent din naman kasi Tita Beth filed a leave na rin. Gee, by Friday, it will only be Eiselle, Noime, Susan (who's deadma always, except when she asks for something) and I. Syempre, magbo-blog lang kami maghapon. Buwahaha!!

Oh, I bought a new book (again) tonight. Since I received my bonus I got to buy 10 books na. Will run them down on my next post. One thing's for sure...I am so super happy. I have Zsazsa Zaturnnah na (complete details in my next post)!!! Reading it gave me the greatest laugh trip I remember I had in recent memory. Super funny.

Another thing, I decided not to blog about my meeting with Mar Roxas. Wala lang. I would like to keep the details of that meeting close to my heart. Hehehe..neat 'no? I may end up not divulging everything so wag na lang. Maybe in my real journal na lang di ba? Basta one thing I will never forget was how he looked at my shoes, dirty as ever (and I like them that...it gives me the feeling that the shoes are really being used), and only God knows what could he have thought of me. Buwahahaha!!! But then, he might not thought of it. Di ba it happens na you're looking at something pero you're mind naman tlaga is thinking of something else? I have a feeling it was like that with him. Or at the very least, ganun na lang. Otherwise, Mar may remember me, not as the one who worked for the Embassy, not the one who kinda "office-serviced" something, but the lady who has dirty square-toed black shoes. Hehe, at least unique! When Mar and I bump into each other he can just say, "I remember you! Ikaw 'yung may maduming sapatos di ba?" But hey, it is not as dirty as you think of it now. It's not just squeaky clean na parang bagong shine. Kung ganun yun baka isipin ni Mar Roxas nagpapa-cute ako sa kanya 'no. In his dreams. Hehe.


next: My new books! 2 new song revivals which make me appreciate the original versions more! Pictures!

Tenoch, oh Tenoch.

Judith Octavo and Tenoch Gonzales
  • Secretly conceived a handful of evil children.
  • Crazy about being able to chat far too often.
  • Are so cute.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

Another variation:

Judith and Tenoch
  • Are rumoured to have adopted some robot girls.
  • Resent having to almost elope in private.
  • Have developed gills for extended kissing.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

Hehe, you might be wondering who Tenoch is. He is Erwin's twin brother. I dunno whatever happened to Andoy. Maybe he got meningococcemia or something and he just disappeared into thin air.

Back to the quiz result, I dunno what's wrong with it...I don't have patience reviewing html codes, I just post and post and post. I believe a test like this is for livejournal users only so it's hard to put it in blogger without code hassles.

Back to reality, Tenoch is not real. He is Erwin's imaginary twin brother. Just like my cousin Peetyminy.

Monday, November 22

Is This A Good Sign?

I have long waited for this yet when it came, I felt guilty. See, I tried hard to veer away from this "obsession" for a month or two...I was unsuccessful on my first try but I managed to start anew. In the midst of controversies, I am gradually feeling a shift in my priorities. It's supposed to be good for me, right? Like, I am supposed to make a review of something but I lost drive to do so. I fashioned this update, wrapping up what happened in the past two weeks, but it burst like a bubble when I sat down in front of the computer. No matter how guilty I feel sometimes, I just think that this feeling is something I tried very hard to work on. Now that I am becoming more self-obsessed and less obsession-obsessed, I just need the momentum to feel good about it because ultimately, the former will bring me better results. The latter is just supposed to make me feel good but it is not real, it is something I share with many other people but in the long run...I only have me. So let this obsession slide down to the periphery basket. Things may even get better when I do it. I will miss it often but it will go on without me.

I should really love myself. I thought I do but I really do not.
WB to me!

I'm back. A prodigal blogger (blogspotter?) that's me. After realizing that the other one is simple yet limited, I decided to switch back here. But it does not follow that I will be a diligent blogger.

Have I told you about my new books?

My Mar Roxas encounter (and that he's not KM as what Noime told me hours before meeting him)?

My thoughts on being fat ergo unattractive?

My sudden preference for romance books?

My new blue umbrella?

I have not? I know.

And hey, I thank Eiselle for the valuable comment on my updated skin. I plan to work around different colors soon. Really, soon.

Monday, November 15

You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Busy

While a relationship sounds nice, you're strapped for time
Whether you're legitimately busy or just making excuses...
... You don't give men enough of your time.
As nice as "instant love" would be, there's just no such thing.

Why Don't You Have a Boyfriend Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life (and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

Huwaat? This is absurd.
Like a fascinated little girl, I am currently so involved with my super plain xanga site. I don't have the whoa settings that this blog has but maybe that is what I'm looking for, really. Simplicity. No tagboard, no links, none of the works! But feel free to visit me there:

Saturday, November 13

I tried so hard to be useful today. I feel I did well naman. My Mom managed to drag my ass out of the bed and get me out to buy the things I said I wanted to fix my stuff. It was pretty productive and I did get to finish some important stuff.

And I started another blog at Xanga!! How about that, eh? I am pretty excited to work my way out there..or maybe I am just thrilled by the simplicity of it..and the fact that I can manipulate the background colors and all, something that I can't do here (I actually can but I end up ruining the whole skin---hey..I'm such an html idiot, what do you say to that?). So before going there (is there a "loyalty sensor" of sorts here in Blogger?), I wanna share some pics from last week's meeting with my highschool friends, Em and Neds.

That's Neds (Anedyn), me and Em (Mzarriz). Too bad, Lyndsey, Portia and Lhizette were busy with other things, otherwise, the barkada would have been complete.

Blurry, blurry. This was taken after they actually came to the meeting place...after making me wait for an hour lang naman!! But it's okay coz I got to read a few chapters of The Unbearable...

Em and me. Hahaha, Em's been complaining since the earliest days that her mouth is kinda big. Well, it is. Like when she smiles, it's obvious. Hahahaha!! Peace, Em!

Pa-vanidosa sa escalator. Em is actually my highschool bestfriend. We had a rather interesting history but she's one of the very few people who knows me well. Before this shot, both of us, out of the blue, said, "O, picture naman!" Talk about telepathy.

This is Neds and her boyfriend, Robert. Uhm, is it Robert? We just call him Papa R kasi!! Hahahahaha! He's a nice guy...and I am hoping that Ned's parents and sisters will finally like him. Hehe, dumaan lang yan sa Dencio's and we had a great time bashing Neds in front of him. Aliw!

There. You can check the xanga blog I made
here. It's too plain, I know, but I find my profile pic a whole lotta neat. Wala lang!

Thursday, November 11

Thank God for the veterans, we do not have office today. I never got to do my errands though as I slept practically the whole day. Hooray to me.

Finally, after lunch, the payroll problem was fixed and we got our bonus. The money just literally lands on your palm and plop! they're gone. Well, in my case most of it just went to my Mom who I owe a ton with my, "My, borrow muna ng (insert amount)". She could have gladly gave them for free but the proud me lists them down everytime, thus the payback time now. I am on a clean financial slate. I'll start borrowing from her for my Christmas shopping na lang. Huwahaha!!

And believe it or not, I didn't buy the books I kinda salivated on for the past months. That was so weird. I was actually in NBS and I can't choose what to buy. Maybe it's the arrangement of the books...the NBS bookshelves are all messy and you can't just have this "I'm in a bookstore" feeling. Parang hinalukay na malagkit. But I won't leave the store with nothing at hand. So kahit sapilitan, I bought the classsic Don Quixote (I was looking for Fyodor Dostoeyevsky's The Idiot but i can't seem to find a copy, so lazy to ask), finally Hot Six (the decision was long overdue - see, I already have the Stephanie Plum mysteries from 1 to 8 minus nga this sixth one; for the longest time that I am seeing Hot Six on the shelf, I can't decide if I wanna buy it coz I do not like the series that much - and last night was the time) and Jeffrey Deaver's The Empty Chair - now, I have not read any Jeffrey Deaver book, but i watched The Bone Collector which I didn't like, I bought this kasi it's well, by Jeffrey Deaver, and a friend recently told me that The Devils' Teardrop is a good read and it's from...yes, Jeffrey Deaver. I dunno what got nto me nga because Atonement was there..Carl Hiaasen's Hoot was there...but I didn't buy them. Weird. There was also Clive Barker's Abarat...yun buti na lang I didn't buy the paperback because it is different from the hardbound illustrated version! It's like Book 2 na or something! And Jesus, The Art of Discworld (picture to follow), naiiyak ako when I saw it. It's the illustrated introduction of all Discworld characters! But it's so out of my budget coz it's for a thousand bucks! Damn!

So many thoughts inside me but I can't articulate them all. I need to recharge my phone. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 10


We've been karma-chameleoned! Yan kasi, counting the chicks before the eggs are hatched. Wa-i pang bonus, ahehe!! Ouch.

Online quizzes na lang. Got this from Maky.

You Are a Flashy Red Bra!

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Naks naman.."as magnetic as you are". Bleh.

Another one:

You'll Find Love Through Friends

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Friends, friends, where art thou?

One more:

You'll Find a Boyfriend Within 3 Weeks

You're out enough to meet plenty of guys
And it shows, because a few are interested in you
Even if you haven't meet the right guy yet
He's standing just around the corner :-)

When Will You Have a Boyfriend? Take This Quiz :-)

Good Lord! The countdown is on! (shucks th-thr-three weeks?) And "standing just around the corner"? Freaky.

Monday, November 8


i didn't feel feverish this afternoon, thank God. have been extra diligent, finished more important cases than i usually do on a monday. i guess it was the good start pumped up by sitting in Carter's former hub. sarap dun eh. or maybe it's because it's..clean? Tita Ditos had a very promising development about meeting *ehem* but i'm not gonna dwell on it until it's there already. my highschool bestfriend Mzarriz and Erwin are textmates already. i am a certified subtle bugaw. ugh, coolness...eh? i hope they get to meet soon, sparks may fly..who knows? i am still thinking if i wanna come...she wants me to, he doesn't want me to..so i guess i have to ask for a sign (bleh). i planned to rev up my morning with a vanilla latte, but i ended up shaking and mildly palpitating even before lunch..then my mom called jokingly implying that i may have kawasaki syndrome..a whaat? on my way to my reading spot, Josh called me, and i know it was because of the constant prodding of the girls. his voice was nice, his laugh was so manly but you don't get to appreciate all that if ur walking along the busy street of padre faura. no matter how stable your mind is, you always end up blurting out pa-cute statements that u regret exactly after hanging up. oh, hell. anyway, i refrained from starbucks coz 1. i was a bit traumatized by the morning palpitation 2. it's expensive 3. it's expensive if you do it everday 4. it's expensive especially if there's still 2 more days before the next payday. i instead had the big chill's watermelon whatever-that-was. i plan to have all the basic flavors, and none of the carrot blend, whatever happens. cheaper, more nutritious, something new.

yesterday, i finally saw the renovated SM Makati. it was waaay better than the old one, and for the longest time, i almost got used to the verrry cramped SM space. this new SM is so vast, can't even remember and keep track of the sections. and because it's still new, it's still...brighter..cleaner...uh, let's see in about a year. but as of now, it's a real good place to walk through on a bleak sunday. mom and i bought some groceries and who did i almost bump into? no less than bogart. with eyes like that, i wonder if she didn't really see me. i quickly shifted my grocery cart, the efficient grocery cart driver that i am, to the direction of canned goods, just when i received erwin's text (i texted all of them that i saw her!) that says something about "magpagulong ka ng lata ng ligo o maling sa paa nya para matapakan nya". he can be a little mean sometimes. a little.

i am halfway through the unbearable lightness of being and boy, milan kundera is soo great. i am almost finished with the handmaid's tale and it's..just okay. i got to see my payslip today and i can't help but see how much i can allot for my books. i have to indulge in books. it's the only gift i can give myself! as for the books that my budget can't accommodate...hey, that what friends are there for (user!).

books. bluetooth usb. pirated dvds (hehe). new shoes. books. books. books. lest i forget, i still owe my financier a whole lotta bucks. financier=mom.

life is just so good even if i'm not making sense.

Saturday, November 6

busy, busy, lazy...

I chuckled last Saturday night with this exchange. This was from Gilmore Girls.

LUKE: Look at this place! Look at you. All you need is six dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood.

TAYLOR: I don't think you had a childhood. I think you came out a bitter surly killjoy.

I'll update this blog later. *crosses fingers*

Friday, November 5

It's Friday and I'm not happy. I have not been happy lately. I cancelled my badminton game with Marie, Gracie and Alfred because I feel feverish again. I got scared when I looked up what could recurring afternoon fever be a symptom of, and voila! Tuberculosis, failing kidneys, and the likes! Who wouldn't be scared?? Anyway, I am more convinced that it still has something to do with me falling down the stairs a month ago. I have not sought professional (read: doctor) advice about it because the pain went by a week after. Ugh, the typical Pinoy. I noticed though, that when it's too cold in the office, it hurts. It even throbs at times. Weird.

But I will not go straight home either. I am comfy with the idea of a reading time; just have to be home on or before 7 pm because it could be Korina Sanchez's last night in TV Patrol. Mwahaha, she may..uhm..cry? That would be a first. Ahehehe. ABS-CNS's Dragon Lady crying on national teevee...fun.

My backlog's not that earth-shattering anymore but I'm still not happy. Good Lord, when can I find that motivation that I've been looking for? Phew. I should have a.....soon. Uhm...soon.

I miss someone. Terribly.

I am meeting my highschool bestfriend tomorrow. She's a flight attendant for PAL now...something I don't know if she envisioned herself to be...but she sure fits into it. I'm excited despite my "never to be disturbed on Saturdays" rule. I need to go out more, really. But all these are all sketches...all blueprints...never put into fruition. Maybe because I don't have that much money...mwahahahaha!! Nah, you don't need lotsa money to go out. I am just so lazy.

Funny, as I type this, I am listening to Jojo's Leave. Can't help but associate it with Korina..maybe when the management asked her to leave, this song is playing on the background. Hahaha, torturer. But really, everytime I hear this song, I think of her, and the faces of the top honchos with matching pointing their fingers pa on the office door..."Get out...(leave)..right now.." And the Bridge part (whatever part it is)...maybe it's uhm..Luchi Cruz-Valdez singing the part..."Get oouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt!!" I'm so salbahe. But try listening and then think of it, it's funny.

I hope to finish The Unbearable Lightness of Being tonight. Takano is so gago, he told what happened to the characters. Okay, okay, they all died. Bad treeep. But it's a nice read...I am inching away from the young adult genre (but I still want to go back to it once in a while).

Till tomorrow!

Thursday, November 4

Stressed, tired, depressed for no apparent reason.

Only a few things that makes me go on.


Happy people.

Hmmm..I should be counting my blessings, di ba??

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, lapis and pentel pen...here's JOSHUA PHILIP TONGSON FERNANDEZ:

Monday, November 1

When there is an issue yet to be resolved, expect your inbox to make you blurt, "Whoa!" when you check it.

Hay, I hope this issue will be resolved soon. I still feel bad about it but not as bad as I felt a couple of days ago.

Funny, na-LSS ko yung Leave ni JoJo and Strong Enough ni Stacey Orrico dahil super relate ko sa nangyari. Yung Leave, patawa lang. Yung kay Stacey...bagay esp yung first few lines. Get this:

As I rest against this cold hard wall
Oh will you pass me by
Will you criticize me as I sit and cry
I had fought so hard
And thought that all my battles had been won
Only to find the war has just begun

O di ba.

Not to count the chicks until the eggs are hatched but I am really looking forward to buy those books na when I receive my bonus. Simple treat lang naman for myself, nothing's wrong naman di ba? The rest...hay...dadaan lang sa palad mo. Eh pano, dami ko loan sa mommy ko. Hahahahaha!!!

Wala pang new ish ng Total Girl...eeww, ang mahal naman nung Aussie edition, P280?! Eh P75 lang yung local. Si Ashlee Simpson cover nya. Lindsay Lohan is in GQ! Ravishing pero....ewan. Baka feeling ko patweetums ever sya. Oh well, if Alexis Bledel would do that, mas shocking. Speaking of Alexis, she will be Lena in the movie version of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!! And the 4th season of Gilmore Girls will start on November 6. Yay...the teen in me.

Nothing extraordinary while visiting my relatives' tombs. Okay lang. Not that I didn't care...hindi naman kasi once a year lang yun dapat ginagawa. At around 4pm nakabalik na nga kami ni Mom dito sa Manila eh..bonding over coffee talking about the future (naks, kala mo super serious eh).

Got new books. The Hillary Trap: Looking For Power In All The Wrong Places (by somebody I think who feels so insecure of Hillary Clinton) and Dominick Dunne's Another Town, Not My Own.

Hay, pasok na naman bukas. Ganun ulit for 8 hours. Magpapalit na nga ako ng radio station eh. Pangit kasi reception (yun ba tawag dun?) ng Launch sa workstation ko. Yung Accuradio, okay lang kaso di ko type yung pagcacategorize ng songs. For two weeks, I've been in MSN Radio kaso puro Ashlee Simpson, Ryan Cabrera at Maroon 5 naman...parang, wala na bang iba??? Type ko lang yun pag play yung She Will Be loved kasi irritated si Eiselle!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Ho-hum. Gonna post some pics tom. Hope that "it" will be over soon and "our camp" will be vindicated.