Saturday, March 5


in-co-her-ent ( P ) (nk-hirnt) adj.

1. Lacking cohesion, connection, or harmony; not coherent

2. Unable to think or express one's thoughts in a clear or orderly manner

I spent practically the whole day watching DVDs. I got a load of Spongebob and his gang. I'm still catching up on most films; I finished just today Laws of Attraction. While I adore Julianne Moore, I found her overacting on some parts of the film but Pierce Brosnan was just dashing. I replayed it though. At this point in my life, I can use sloppy romantic scenes, too. Julianne's character, Audrey woods, said "Almost 80% of people who say that they don't want to get in a relationship are actually lonely". So I thought, am I saying that I do not need a relationship or am I lonely? Uhm, well, they mean the same if you take the quote in context. Hmm, let's just change the topic. Remember, I'm supposed to be incoherent.

My level 1 Spanish class officially started yesterday afternoon. I so like my classmates, they're so nice. Even Felipe, our instructor was quite scary but sweet. I guess it's brought by not being inside a classroom for about two years. I got startled everytime SeƱor Felipe called me for recitation; it's either Wendell or me who got to recite first because were at the ends of the horseshoe desk set-up (and oh, how I miss Dr. Sarile). I was impressed by my clasmsates and it will only be Marie, the Instituto's secretary and I, who will be left here in the country after the course. Most of them need the course to prepare them for their careers abroad. When asked, I just said I simply want to learn a new language (and that I completed six units of it in college but I virtually forgot everything I learned as I was always late in class then...but of course I didn't bother to mention that).

Student: Me llamo (insert name).

Instructor: Hmm...German?

Student: No, Ilonggo.


I heard a revival of Now That You're Gone, used in this new Koreanovela in Channel 2. I don't know if it was originally a Sharon Cuneta song but I remember her version of it and that's the only song of her that I liked. I like her other songs but I don't really like her singing, you know. But that one, I remember singing since I was about 8 or 9 and never getting it right as the notes are really high for me (I simply don't sing well, that's what I'm trying to say). So this version of Ella May Saison...errr..let's just say I like Sharon's version more.

I finally watched Super Size Me. It was interesting and while I found Morgan concept cool, we basically become what we eat. So loosen up.

I joined. I hope I won't chicken out. Come April 21, there will a non-stop reading of Don Quixote, in Spanish, at Instituto Cervantes. A thousand plus pages of the classic, and 400 speakers/readers are needed. I plan to sign up for one slot; it will only take 6 minutes per speaker/reader, which is roughly about 3-4 pages, depending on your reading speed and style. It will be fun. And historic. And fun. If you're interested, go contact them.

I got my gift for my Mom for her birthday on Tuesday. I deem it better than a special dinner, a truck load of her favorite chocolate, even a DVD of her favorite movie. While I am not wishing that she use it often, it helps to be armed with something like that. Any guesses?

Relationships need verbs.

I love getting in touch with my long-lost friends.

You will not win against a dumb person. You will not win against an insane man.

I am hungry.