Saturday, April 2

^"^Awed ^"^

That sums up my young visitors' reactions today. They are not exactly "my" visitors because I don't know how those kids, aged 4-8 flocked in front of our TV set and got glued on what is now their "most favorite" movie.


Yes, the cheesiest and most overhyped movie ever created since man learned to stand up straight and walk using only two limbs. I realized almost all of them were not even born when Titanic was shown. I remember I had my share of guilty pleasure watching it on its 2nd screening day, sneaking past Mom to go with Lyndsey. Then I watched it with my friends like a week after. Then with my brother the next week after we dropped Dad off at the airport. Gee, 1998. Interesting year, eh?

So I went to read a book even before the iceberg hit the ship, errr, before the ship hit the iceberg. In the end, all of them were so mesmerized by it they won't stop talking about it until school starts in June. Hmmm.

Before the "most beautiful" movie screening, I watched White Chicks and Hide and Seek. The former passed a bit not to be filed under those "stupid" movies. They were funny but duh, those "jigaboos" couldn't keep the disguise for that long huh! Or maybe it reinforces they just really got stupid friends and mingle around one stupid circle. Maybe Mrs. Doubtfire and Hot Chick were enough. Then the latter, the twist was okay. I thought this Charlie was one boy her Mom aborted or her Dad killed but was Dad all along. Bad Daddy. And I hope Dakota Fanning doesn't grow up. Or pass that awkward stage so fast to become one brilliant full-grown actress. The girl is really so good.

In the recent weeks by the way, I got to catch up with movies I missed. I finally watched Kung Fu Hustle which was so makulit and really, it was selfish of Stephen Chow to be on the poster alone. The fat landlady cracked me up the most, along with the "world's most dangerous killer' while he was in his white sando and beach walk sandals. All of them were good, and I think I like this more than Shaolin Soccer. I watched The Forgotten too and even though I like Julianne Moore, this does not deserve to be in the widescreen. More like a TV movie, and even less if you say that a TV movie is of the Angels in America level. The plot was simple: The aliens failed to fully understand the bond that connects a parent to a child, so they aimed to just destroy it then. They almost succeeded with everyone but Julianne's character, who managed to get one father to her side. I forgave the being whacked up in the air in an instant but hello, they succeeded in erasing memories of human beings but they covered up one child's disappearance with a wallpaper???!!! And yes, that's what set the chase and "ooops, it will blow our cover" scenes for the next 45 minutes. Finding Neverland was good too, even though I really have a hard time grasping freakin' British accents. It was heartwarming and Johnny Depp looks uhh...clean? I liked the no-frills plot but the stage performance, which was supposed to be an extravaganza, didn't hold much of my attention. I think it's because I believe nothing beats and nothing can be along the line of Amadeus. Like, I am so awed by that movie until now.

Like these kids still discussing downstairs how astig it was that the "unsinkable" ship split and sank, complete with hand demonstrations and improvised "ripping and sinking" sound effects.