Sunday, May 2

yet another week
and i'm updating this on a weekly basis...what a life...harumph


i forgot what happened.


i forgot what happened.


funny, but i forgot what happened too. if there's anyone who cares enough to remind me, please do so.


payday. fun! take your child to work day. chelli brought raf and gab. i got a big bag of fish crackers.

lunch at emerald.

hepa b screening. finally bought the two vanity fair issues i've beeen raving about, the one with george clooney in a yacht and the cast of will & grace and queer eye for a straight guy...

and one book on sale:


andrea bocelli's concert. patrick's last day. i wil miss the guy. he's annoyingly fun and cruel. he's the original redford white look-a-like way before the smiling polio pascual.


ate liza, kuya roger and mama remy came. i've given up the cheesiness (if there's ever a term such as this) of danielle steel but i'm thankful for 7 hardbound books of hers that i got as pasalubong.

watched As Good As It Gets. i loved it. i finally heard the classic, "Carol the waitress, Simon the fag" and "You make me want to be a better man."


an amazing cute kilig moment in a tabloid. i went to ate liza in crame and i gave her my new globe sim. in turn, i got the wonderful gifts yet! i now have:

and gap scents too...because what chelli gave me is almost giving up. and a box of chocolates from dad with "to my pretty girl" on top...hehehe, my dad is just so cool.