Saturday, April 24

my week (for lack of a better title)
pertinent personalities identified

i have not blogged for a while. i still don't feel like blogging but i kinda perceive the responsibility to do so. here's what happened to me last week:


new dude's first day. i was his peer sponsor, a lousy one at that because i had no plan of what to do with him after picking him up at the human resources office. just showed him around, introduced him to several of the people i know (i usually address people as a team as i really have no idea what the names of some were) and still managed to do some of my job for the start of the week.

my niece christina went to the zoo today and was very disappointed because the lions were sleeping and did not get out of their "caves" while she was there. poor lions. must have been partying too much.


maksim's concert and i was not there. not that he expects me to be there. pol and kata watched and i did not ask what happened. more maksim stuff on thursday. spent a few hours after office to join my frend boy snagger to buy a new cellphone. i was tempted to buy a second-hand nokia communicator. i was glad i didn't as my primary reason for wanting so is because mar roxas owns a communicator. haha.

omnipotent demigoddess (because she practically sees everything, even if it's happening behind her back?) gave me something to aid me with my passion (reading), from a place she recently visited. nice gesture. i am actually smiling.


nothing much. just one funny conversation with our seasonal help, ate flor.

ate flor: ang daming nakakainis na commercial ng politiko.

me: ano pa. pinaka-nakakainis yung kay jinggoy.

ate flor: meron din namang nakakatawa.

me: meron din. pinaka-nakakatawa yung kay jinggoy.

ate flor: bakit, ilan ba ang commercial ni jinggoy?

me: isa lang.


i thought today's another payday but i was dead wrong. was glad that samurai girl and tremorata were kinda okay again. see, samurai girl developed this irritation for tremorata last week. mr. too many water bottles got me today though.

mr. t.m.w.b: the piano guy (maksim), is he supposed to have a concert here?

me: yeah, actually it was last tuesday.

mr. t.m.w.b: did you see it?

me: no. i had other plans.

mr. t.m.w.b: why, is it expensive?

me: (made a few knots in forehead) no! i actually had to do something that night.

mr. t.m.w.b: i see..did anybody you know watch him?

me: two of my friends did.

mr. t.m.w.b: so, how was it?

me: i didn't ask. (he just laughed)

i can afford to see maksim. i can't afford andrea bocelli.

i also watched veronica guerin after work. nothing surreal. it's just okay.


new dude is catching up well, both with work and with us. he's even taking extra joss to keep up. samurai girl and tremorata's speaking terms were more okay than yesterday which called for a lot of eating in the office. it was also a laugh trip day with slow processor humanoid, polio pascual and lito lapid slash jojo alejar slash smurf

i decided to be a nice person and bought school supplies for 6 kids. six kids. it was fun. it was just heavy.

spent the night chatting with my highschool barkada and some intelligent teens who are posed to become fiction writers someday.


today? oh, i slept the whole day. mom went to the province to get some fresh air. after seeing her leave, i slept and woke up just before the sun sets. my head still hurts from oversleeping. i finished the da vinci code with less interest (the holy grail--newton--apple--magdalene's bones--priory---oh, please). i share samurai girl's aversion for reality tv shows but i quite enjoyed my big fat obnoxious fiance.

there. see you again next week.