Thursday, April 8

the uncultured me

yes, i am uncultured. so says a couple of friends. one of them actually had the guts to tell me so. but it's okay. it's fun though, having to find facts and figures that could make you hit your head with a hammer and say, "ay, yun pala yun.." or "kaya naman pala...".

i cannot make a list of my recent "discoveries" about a lot of things, mainstream or otherwise. they're quite a handful, you may actually think i was raised in a bartolina. i was not, by the way. i was just interested in some other things.

an example: i found a couple of books about the eccentricities of the bagthorpe family. i thought it was u.k.'s answer to malcolm-in-the-middle type of stories; teen read, light. but it's not. it has been published and has been aired in bbc in 1989, ran for just a couple of seasons, i think. next time, i could use the copyright page before jumping to any conclusion.