Saturday, April 10

straight talk

as usual, i don't know what to do first with all the tasks i listed down before this actual "vacation" started because from time to time i am compelled to veer away from the "list", telling myself just to avoid the guilt that this is not the time to mind some office stuff and that never mind if my backlog is as numerous as the hair of a hairy monster, as a lot of the books i bought in the last two months have been on queue, with all their small voices telling me to "read me first, read me first" which i have successfully started since thursday if not for other worthwhile distractions like classic tagalog movies and patty and tammy and kace and more recently, ate dee's jelly bags, one of which i plan to get by hook or by crook regardless of the price, because it's not that i would want (and can afford) a liz claiborne, so i would definitely settle for one that's from greenhills, divisoria mall or yes, ate dee, who has cute babies and made me think again about my previous dilemma of wanting to halt my career and be a housewife and mother which, well, died down as i do not even have a prospective boyfriend at hand, let alone somebody to just flirt with, which i am kinda thankful for in a way, because the last few weeks had me utilizing all my options, from medical students to childhood friends to moslems, regardless of political views and IQ levels that made me think of this coming elections that would certainly take up my time especially come may 10 itself with my volunteer work for my office and comelec which also made me want to rearrange my leave plans as i impulsively planned to enroll in UP open university to pursue a masteral curse, rather, course, in development communication, the enrollment of which would start right after holy week and as the typical me would always be, i am still grasping for the requirements, and of course it would need me to be out of the office (again) for at least two days for the actual enrollment and admission requirements completion which i hope i would successfully finish within that period because let's face it, my work will not garner a zero backlog status, not even in my wildest dreams, and as it is, my job's load is distressing me enough to shed a few pounds which makes me feel good about myself but still tugs my ego that i would never be skinny enough because my bone structure is really like that of a eumorpho lakas tao model and the closest to a sexy body (shut up, okay) that i can get is the body of this viva hot babe named ella who could be the next rufa mae quinto who is by the way impressive by keeping that foreigner boyfriend so into her unlike kris aquino who is still at the stage of making pa-cute with mark lapid's attempt to win her that is certainly something to wait for in the buzz tomorrow as they would be arranging a "meeting" between kris and mark which i am confident would make chelli call me at 4:10 pm, or when kris would start urging us to make her the center of our attention, whichever comes first, that would just give me a couple of minutes to laugh, ponder OR puke, if revelations permit, because the buzz always means sunday afternoon and is tantamount to just a few hours before bedtime as the next day would be monday, the start of the work week, the dawning of which always makes me want to appreciate long vacations or at extreme times, unemployment.