Saturday, June 12


Bad news--well, not that bad but:

:: Chelli is not a part of the ComTeam anymore. Sad thought really, and worse, we learned about the internal news that affects her would-be replacement. Dang that freaking power.

:: Our neighbors have turned worse. I understand the sore feeling after my "pataygutom" statement but if they want a street level war, I won't give it to them.

::Greg Hammaker was beaten up in Bora last weekend. Poor guy, he was so sweet like his dad, I cannot imagine him being involved in any conflict that will lead to something like that.

::My blood pressure has not gone better. After going down to 90/60 last week, I don't know what it is now but I am sure it is basically still along that range. Whew.

:: A lot of people are leaving post. Tita Gigi, Paul, Tina, Anita, Mr. Rowan (sige na nga), Carter (soon)....

::This week has been a busy one at work but I've been lax the whole time. Not that I don't care but...

Good news!

:: New books! Fear of Fifty by Erica Jong (don't ask me why I bought that, I just love her razor-sharp wit), Dilbert's Guide to Finding Happiness at the Expense of your Co-Workers (hehehehe!!) and The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve.

:: Swapped my books for Vivian's Pink Slip and Moon Women.

:: Lent The Da Vinci Legacy to Job, in exchange of his introduction to the realm of Umberto Eco, and his endorsements of The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum.

:: Discovered Benson's Eatery. Wala lang.

:: Erwin is gradually coming out of his shell. Barubal na din sya. "Sino ang may ipapadala, dadalhin ko na ang accordion sa kabila, na dapat si Judith pero nagpapatay malisya..." I loved that line!

:: My mom and I have made up. It's amazing how we can look at each other, burst out laughing and the invisible wall immediately vanishes into thin air.

:: Marie is in love. She may be a few months older but she's definitely a baby in our eyes, next to Emman who we always bash.