Tuesday, June 1


i don't feel like blogging.

i had a fight with mom over this computer and my alleged overuse of it. *rolls eyes* i bought this whole thing to do what i want, which is to surf and chat all i want during my free time. it may be surprising to find me still chatting at 4 am but at least--i'm inside the house! it's not as if the morning greeted me at this bar or at this strange place away from home. duh, i'm at home! but a mom will always be a mom. i am planning to do it every weekend so she'll get used to it. if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen (nyahaha, tama ba yun?). brat na bata na ako ah...hmmm...bad, bad, bad.

i just finished my promise to my online buddies. hope they'll like it. (hmmm..curious ba kayo?)

i bought yet another book. it's drowning ruth by christina schwarz.

tomorrow: lunch courtesy of vivian. merienda for mr. rowan and anita's despedida, which we paid P315 for each. hmph.

thursday: treat tita gigi and paul to lunch. missed their going-away party in manila pen...because i had a fight with mom and it was not in the unwritten rule for me to be allowed to step out of the house during moments like that.

friday: chelli's last day. another going-away treat...she's planning to treat us to italianni's due to erwin's prodding but we actually plan to have it for lunch courtesy of aling nene's. hmm..hope chelli doen't read this till friday.

food. it makes my world go round. it makes me finish one blog entry just like that.