Tuesday, March 30

eating habits gone mad

yes, my eating habits have gone mad. i should probably expect to have bleeding ulcers in the coming months. just when i'm getting used to starving myself at night, i went back to devouring whatever's in our table during dinner time. "pagod ako eh, gutom pa", is my perpetual excuse. just when i'm getting used to eating heavy breakfast, light lunch and no dinner, now i ravenously take whatever's available in my officemates' desks (just today, pinasugbo, bulacan chicharon, pandesal with queensland butter, clover and a few hershey's kisses are easily within reach).

and even with a very frustrating okra-talong binagoongan (what do you mean pork binagoongan?), i still ate a lot for lunch. and oh, i finished my last 3 strips of meiji black chocolate. ako ata ang buntis, not chelli. hmmm....

it's already past 1 pm and i don't feel like resuming my work. save for our broken phone lines (wooohoo!!), nothing can nudge me from surfing. i know, i only have to click that X button at the top right corner. but i won't. i can't. the hell with those pesky correspondence.

lemme see...maybe noime has more turrones and pastillas in her drawer.