Monday, March 29

i was supposed to write about my mommy susie and how her death has taken a toll on me. it has always been a plan since i started blogging late last year. as i was dealing with a complex case of writer's block, i never get to write about her. not until tonight.

funny as it may seem, i felt sad knowing that korina sanchez's mother died. well, she has cancer, and mommy susie did have one as well. korina's mom died of cardiac arrest, mommy susie did too. i was telling patty via text that it wasn't the big C that caused mommy susie's death. i guess she felt afraid with those gadgets and respirators and catheters of all kind inserted in her body. all of our worried and crying faces, that belies our words when we ask her to fight and loosen up. i think that was what korina's mom felt, too. and both of them were being treated at manila doctor's hospital when GOD decided to call them.

talk about happening too fast. it was so fast i never knew when to start crying. and now, a floodgate of my memory has opened that i can only see a blurred computer screen. i promise to get back tomorrow.