Saturday, March 20

I am at home today because I am letting all the toxins go out my system. In more blunt words, nag-e-LBM ako and I had to stay home, miss an 8-hour overtime work and a hosting stint for a basketball tournament opening. Pero it’s okay, as my weekends really mean staying at home. I had the luxury of getting up at 9 am and daydream for 30 minutes more because I had two weird dreams.

First, I dreamt that my mom and I were walking in this street I kinda remember but can’t, sobrang lakas ng ulan and my mom was laughing hard because our umbrella was so big yet my face was so wet. Second, a crazy woman, who reminded me of “Aiko”, a character in my childhood, who gave me her baby. Sobrang cute daw nung baby and I was planning to keep him (la lang, feeling ko baby boy sya) away from the crazy woman tas namili na daw ako ng diapers, feeding bottles and stuff.

When I thought of them, I steered clear of deep dream meanings. For they only mean two things: dun sa una, I feel kasi partially responsible for leaving Tita Beth’s umbrella in Sbarro last Thursday. Syempre nahihiya ako when Tita Beth was telling me na naiwan nga daw naming yung payong…oh well. Yung next, my good friend Chelli found out yesterday that she might be having a baby. Syempre excited din ako kahit wala naman ako kinalaman dun. There are speculations na napaglilihian nya kami sa office (there’s no such term as ‘infanticipation’!) kaya we, particularly yours truly, feel sleepy most of the time kahit office hours. If that’s true, that would mean it’s my second time to be napaglihian, nung una was in fourth grade…when my adviser who’s so fond me suddenly hated me for no reason and I lost my appetite and eventually lost weight…tas everything went back to normal nung nasa last trimester na sya. Well, dun sa losing weight na part, I wouldn’t really mind but not with the antukin part as it could cost me a big negative chunk in my EER.

What else is new? Oh yeah, second-hand books. Nagalit na naman ako sa pera at nanggigil sa mga libro nung payday. Priceless yung look sa face ni Mommy when I entered the house na ang dami ko na naming bitbit na libro. Among my latest acquisitions were: A Frolic Of His Own by William Gaddis, A Man In Full by Tom Wolfe, The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, Loose Screws by Karen Templeton, Apollyon (Book five dun sa Left Behind Series) and America the Beautiful by Moon Unit Zappa. All of them for 420 pesos. Okay na rin, di ba? For now, I just hope for more time in my 24-hour day to read them. As of now, I am still engaged in The Da Vinci Code; it’s not mine, thus the urgency to finish it as the owner would leave Manila by early May.