Friday, September 3

bam and books

as the lazy gods might have guessed, bam and i didn't go as planned. it's always like that with her. not that i feel bad because i don't. we usually feel this lazy itch at about the same time, and whoever's luckier gets to call first and explain something, window-dressed to actually mean, "wag na lang tayo tumuloy, next time na lang". this time she was luckier. our phone rang at exactly the same moment i was thinking of staring at the ceiling for another half hour--which would make me definitely late for a 1:30 pm meeting in glorietta. so there, she called and we agreed to have it next time, preferably the september book fair in megamall. it is something we may find hard to miss, with or without our "date".

so after claiming my diploma 2 years and 4 months after graduation, i instead went with my mom to SM because they have a three-day sale. pucha, i am a fixture in a lot of mall sales but i really end up bored and-or pissed. una, daming tao. as in. second, items are not really on sale. a few perhaps, but these are the ones that even if they offer it to you for less than one hundred bucks, you still wouldn't buy it. of course, it's different with national bookstore.

eman and i seem to race to buy bargained left behind books. i already have 5, he has 2. we have agreed to swap but i encourage him to buy na lang if he sees one. like today, i bought my fifth, desecration, which is the ninth installment in the series. those hardbound books from US libraries are really overflowing. but the funny thing is, i skipped buying taipan by james clavell and executive power by vince flynn (sa totoo lang dahil kasi baka kulangin ang budget), even giving up a P99-worth book titled beautiful wasps having sex (plot is far than what the title suggests!) for...jarann...true philippine ghost stories books 1 and 2. you see that, those thin books sold for P80? somebody told me they're scary. the gullible that i am, and the certified duwag that i am, pinatulan ko. as of this typing, i read the first story, and though it's typical, it gave me the chills. now, admittedly, natatakot ako tumingin sa side ko kasi baka may makita ako. ngii, tama na nga.

another shameless confession: i bought this new teen mag, totalgirl, and vowed to subscribe for the next six months. hayep, the look on my mom's face was priceless when she saw me flipping the pages kanina. ewan ko ba, maybe because i never had my share of bop and teenbeat and tigerbeat collection in highschool kaya ngayon ako bumabawi. and i bought the mag because...uhm..i like lindsay lohan. the parent trap and life size are memorable movies to my juvenile heart (wth?), and i was convinced that i like her when a friend, who was too pa-mysterious to put her own pic, uploaded a lindsay collage as her friendster pic. then it's freaky friday, confession of a teenage drama queen and mean girls. and another reason i bought the mag is because of (wait, have to put my raincoat for the tomatoes that you'll throw)...the olsen twins. i so looove them. end comments.

hay naku, an office leave should be more productive than updating your blog everyday and checking your friendster for "new friend requests" to approve. before i know it, my leave's over and nothing good has come out of me. poor me. i really have to get him back here. as in here. *sigh*