Friday, September 3


super. i took a vacation leave for six days (err, the sixth day is actually an office holiday) and i looked forward to it until it came. eman texted me that i must be greasing my ass watching tv and catching up on my reading but he's quite wrong. i did read a few, a watched, surfed for longer hours, ate..but it's not what i really expected. maybe i ought to go out. i am supposed to watch BABY tonight but gave my tickets (err..sold) to neds, who then gave it sheena.

so okay, i'm going out tomorrow after paying the bills and getting my diploma. originally planned to have lunch with jazz at elj loop but had to cancel it just a coupla hours ago because she has to take her mom to her check-up. of course, it's gotta be her mom first. before my chance to rub elbows with ABS-CBN stars. weehee.

so bam and i will probably head to makati where more of our friends can get to us easily (if they can pa ha!). or it can just be the two of us for the entire day. i miss bam so much. she's my best college buddy. it's somehow mutual when she said in her friendster testimonial that college days became bearable because i was there. it made mine bearable too because she's there. see, i totally lost interest in school since--what--second year high? much more when i went to college. before, i had this excuse of the maddening commute from manila to cavite but things didn't become better when we moved here. basta in sum, bam made going to school fun, except for times when i was really so tamad (oh, he typical me) to even wrench from my bed. we have not seen each other for more than a year!! and oh---made me remember that i have not seen licette since freida's going away party!

hay, i'm sleepy na. super apologies to kuya jeff for not going online last night. hope to catch you soon.

and grabe, a text from glen. didn't budge me when he started his greetings with the keywords "mrs. palengke" and when we exchanged thoughts about people's participation vs constituent empowerment. it was just his second to the last text that had me thinking. wow pare, you made me feel that i still have a brain pala.

freaky. you are on leave and your boss calls you to ask about this little project that you left undone. since i'm mustering (and mastering!) the inaantok stance, i got her to just email whatever's happening there "because i can do it from here". kaya ako natatawag na "currently anak ng diyos" eh.

it's 12:40 am. no new mar roxas news except for his non-appearance at this glitzy power men awarding whatever in nuvo that i didn't even bother to read. gotta sleep na. hay.

at LSS ko pa din BURN ni Usher. i've listened to it for practically 3 straight days lang naman, why kaya 'no?