Sunday, December 19

and time gets a little more...little?

i returned the "kewl" and "chic" panasonic digicam BUT i got a new one. half the price, less chic, but i am learning to be contented. and i am not really a photography freak with all the techie blahdiblahdiblah. i am a camwhore, yes, but simpler gadgets can accomodate that syndrome of mine. plus, money became more important, moreso this part of the year till the second quarter of next year, so there.

2 new books. 2 new vcds. 4 dvds to go tomorrow.

yes, i am going to confess. it terribly shows but let it come from me. YES. I AM A MAR ROXAS-KORINA SANCHEZ fan. they are kinda awkward to be "kilig icons" but i feel kilig when i see them or read things about them. when i was about 11, i had the same for richard gomez and dawn zulueta. huwaha. it fizzled, of course, because they broke up and married different people. this time, i won't let it happen to mar and korina. nyaha!!!! how creepy is that? and what if, say, they break up and korina ended up with....noynoy aquino? and mar ended up with...err...kris aquino? kinda awkward no? but hell, they are getting married. i just hope it's for keeps. coz if not, it will be my second failure. it will take anoher decade to find a good loveteam and i will be 32 by then so it will make it doubly dyahe.

i'm really weird.