Sunday, December 5


every saturday, after gilmore girls, i chat with patty, tammy and marie. sorry, no-show na naman ako!! allow me to explain, puhleez...after gilmore girls, somebody had to use the phone, mga 30 minutes lang daw (lang...hmm..), so i said, sige, i'll read muna. eh yun nga, di na ako nagising. as usual, no one bothered to wake me up. sori!!!


grabe, everytime i bloghop, people are raving about their new starbucks planner or how many stickers to go na lang and they would have it na. napepressure ako!! hahaha!! inggiterang palaka. eh totoo lang, i would not feel this way if not for the barrista in starbucks rob. while waiting for my frappe, i was looking at basta yun..then he casually commented that many people actually claimed na their planners!! ipressure ba ako?? eh kasi naman ako lang bumubuno nung akin. there are times di na me nakakapag-coffee kasi late na ako umuuwi from work. di bale, 14 stickers na lang naman. kayang kaya ko na i-bribe sina joy, girl, eiselle, erwin, tita ditos, tita beth, noime, jacs, jen, karen to have coffee with me..o di ba...ilan na ako pa...11...three stickers to go and hello planner na ako!!! ganyan ako ka-pathetic! hay.

tooth problem.

something's wrong with my bluetooth adaptor (adapter?). di ko alam what's wrong. basta it says it can't connect eh umiilaw ilaw naman yung gadget. nag-restart na ako ng fone, nag-restart ng PC...ganun pa rin. nung una it only says it exceeded the allowable bluetooth limit ba yun?? i have a hunch pero i'm hoping hindi naman yun...eto kasi yun: i was on my reading time when somebody texted me, as in three yun in succession so di ko napigil to accept yung 1 bluetooth message from "Nokia 7650" ayun...caribe.sis..tsk tsk...i actually didn't look around, baka makita ko sa isang sulok ng starbucks yung naka-grin na spawn of satan, nakatingin sa akin and has "gotcha!" written all over his/her face. alam nyo ako pag nagagalit di ba?? as in, if words could kill, i could annihilate a community in minutes. so ayun..i immediately deleted it, restarted my fone...and nothing went wrong naman eh. i was able to transfer images pa din for what? two weeks more? then eto na nga...simula lang kagabi. huhuhuhu. help naman o. i will try to transfer images to other capable phones tomorrow...if it works, it's maybe just my own adapter here at home. sana.