Friday, December 3


i cannot read 100 pages in an hour anymore. i hate it. i can do it even with interruptions like text and occasional bouts of daydreaming but now...hmph! to think that i'm into a chicklit!


i do not earn that much but it's been my habit to plan ahead the things that i like to spend my money with, days before actually receiving the payslip. it works well, in some ways. sometimes, i plunge into this wishful thinking, listing down from memory the things i want to buy IF i have more than what i just receive (i guess we all have that phase, ayt?). then you're snapped back to reality, where there are kids barely having something to eat. i have that guilty feeling everyday. especially when my ride waits for the green light in the intersection of san andres and osmeƱa highway. tonight, as i was thinking and almost drooling over bags and shoes and books, i decided to give susan's pumpkin bread, which is supposed to be my pasalubong for mom, to the poor little kids singing christmas carols beside my window. sama ng ugali ko, man. i fret over not being able to buy stuff that i can do without while all the while, many people do not even have half of what i have (or at least expect every two weeks). salbahe. ano nga yun sa 7 deadly sins?

identity crisis.

speaking of susan's pumpkin bread, eiselle said that it's the bread with an identity crisis. kasi by its look and mere taste, di mo malaman kung banana cake o fruitcake. ewan!


i will change the colors of my template for the billionth time. parang feel ko yung lighter colors. wala lang. violent reactions pag di nyo type ha?!