Wednesday, February 2


See, my training was over for four days now but I can't find time to update this with everything that I want to share. I'm still on an extended vacation, weeee! Whilst I miss a lot from my Mom to the dust and dirt of Manila, I am taking this opportunity to experience things for the first time in my 22 years (I'm now on my 23rd, gee). I can't wait to be home but where I am now is pretty much home na rin. During the training, even with all the perks and this-is-so-new stuff (I am on my own, fun!), as usual, there was too much responsibility and restrictions. Here, I get to get up whenever I want, eat whenever and whatever I want and sometimes, I really feel guilty having to turn my family's work schedules upside down because I am here. But I am having fun. I chuckled when I received a text from my Mom that, in a nutshell, says, "Enjoy yourself there 'coz when you return, you'll be working again." Hahaha, so true. But I guess that's what real life is all about.