Thursday, February 10


- We have a new girl in the office, Sandy. I don't know what happened but for two consecutive new staffs, I became the office sponsor. It was okay though. Sandy is one sweet lady and I know she will be like that for life. I think she's even too shy and reserved for us! Anyway, welcome aboard (the zoo), Lourdes Alexandra Basconcillo!! (And I really flaunted your name! Bwahahahaha!!)

- I now wear (corrective) glasses. Someone said I look like a cross between Jessica Zafra and Boy Abunda. Grabe naman. Di man lang Lisa Loeb (thanks, Gerlan!). I am still adjusting and I don't know if I will wish to get rid of this or simply keep it soon enough.

- Our office troubles are still the same. Like, what's new?

- I gained weight. I had bouts of major leg cramps last night, causing me serious walking problems going to the office, and this was attributed to my heavy weight which my knees can't take. How does that relate to cramps, anyway?

- My current song is Another Used To Be by Joe. *sighs*

- I spent half a day cleaning my hub. Such mess I've accumulated in the past year. I hope everything's clearer now. I actually expected to see hibernating boas among my piles and piles of paper and other junk but I was disappointed.