Friday, February 4


I'm coming home! Yay! The last four days were so much fun. As my niece, Lai, put it, I crammed in four days what a tourist should do in about a month. Neat. Hehe. But if in the middle of the night, you wake up with all these thoughts about work, then it's about time to go home. It's only February, there are almost 10 1/2 months to have fun.

After the packing at the last minute (what else is new - and oh, I shopped at literally the last minute, too; oh mayn, the bags, the bags!!), we watched Rex Navarette's Hella Pinoy show in dvd. He's been in Manila before but I did not catch him. In fact, I have in my computer his "Maritess and the Superfriends" thing and I have not watched it! But the guy is hella funny. Whaa, funny is even an understatement. Rexxx, cam her (that was supposedly his Mom calling him). Riot talaga.