Wednesday, February 8

...and then it goes.

What do you know, apart from the e-mail, I received a call again from the associate editor reminding me NOT to do it again. Okay, I get it, I'm not dumb. I just wonder if my very pregnant pause will lead to something worse. A pause that I believe should be filled in by a resounding "sorry". I did not do it. I just said, "Okay. Bye." Might as well not say it if you do not mean it than continuously feed one's ego by saying so. Sorry is the worst word in the world.

So, my day is already ruined. I can't promise but I will kick asses later this afternoon in the conference because of this. I so hate it when something obviously understood is being rammed in my face just so I would obey.

If I said it once that I understood, it means I did. My evil bones tend to disobey if something is constantly reminded to me over and over again.