Wednesday, February 8

turn the tv on and be happy

i didn't kick ass during the conference, alright. i was respectable, i say.

i wanted to go home immediately to escape from it all. i finally watched Lost, as in my first whole episode. then i've seen "the one with ross' tan" in Friends for the third time this week, second to this is "the one where ross is fine". guess Star World is playing with the start of the 10th season. if any of those two will be shown tonight at 11p.m. again, i'm going crazy. well, not really but i'm not just gonna watch. btw, what's the name of the female anchor of Star News Asia? she looks like Maggie Wheeler a.k.a. Janice (of Friends, sorry!). finally the AI auditions are over (and i'm glad my dinner date with the gang was postponed so i can catch the first night in hollywood screening!). i have been seeing plugs for Prison Break. was told it's a nice serial. i can't wait for it. channel 50 is getting better, even if i feel bad they lessened Murder, She Wrote airtimes. i am watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. yeah, i do. they're getting interesting now but not all of them. i am rooting for Bianca Gonzales, initially. then this Zanjoe guy is so cute and Mich Dulce is entertaining---kinda see a bit of myself in her, literally and figuratively. i caught Dong Puno's Viewpoint after a long time. why has the stampede got blown out of proportion? this is just too much. let them rest in peace. be accountable and let them rest in peace. some people can't just live another day without having to say something about an issue like this. and oh, three boring night in bangkok without cable tv got me into watching chinese shows now. even if i hell don't understand a thing they are saying-- i am amused! i get the storyline by watching anyway. i'm a regular of channels 58 and 62 now. try it, it's fun. now i wish we can get a real bollywood channel on cable, too (as in beyond Koffee with Karan?). i found myself missing those singing and dancing routines.

*work shouldn't take over your life. lying on your bed flipping channels can be immeasurably pleasant, it does a hell of a job cleansing your soul.