Saturday, January 15

Sabado Sabado Sabado

I mentioned before that Saturday is really a sacred time for me; unless it's official or a real emergency, I usually find ways to make me stay in the house all day. Today was different. I just kinda set my mind to going out today regardless of my laziness level. I started the day quite early and when my it's-Saturday-I-shouldn't-go-out mood started to kick in, I ignored it and got dressed.

For the first time since it opened not too long ago, I set foot in Gateway Mall. It was impressive even if almost half of the shops are yet to open. I am not really familiar with the Araneta Center area...I last went there, what, 18 years ago? Mom was still familiar with some of the landmarks so we did not get lost. Hehe. Finally, I also tried Taco Bell---their nachos, cheese quesadilla and meximelt (or steak stuft burrito) were great but they ought to have bigger space and their counter people and servers, although they were nice, would benefit from a speech class, kahit basic pronunciation lang. But they were all nice naman. My college bestfriend Bammie was with us so it was fun; we had some time catching up with each other's work (at overall number 1 na daw talaga ang GMA-7, ratings-wise) and other useless ramblings which we are known to talk about. Prior to meeting her, Mom and I stopped touring the different floors of Gateway kasi we noticed na may 3x na ata kaming nag-pass doon sa entertainment appliance showroom sa 2nd floor. We passed time in Starbucks and Mom was badgering me, "Hindi naman yata dadating si Bam, dinala mo pa ako dito sa Cubao para lang mag-kape?" Buti na lang dumating, hehe. Actually, Bammie was supposed to go to Araneta Coliseum as there's a fellowship gathering or something yung Singles at Couples for Christ where Bam and her whole family (her boyfriend Drew included) are active members.

To get home, we were supposed to take the LRT-2 but decided not to at the last minute. So we walked through the other side of Araneta Center, passing by Farmer's Plaza where...tadaa.."the" Booksale outlet is. Dami nagsabi sa akin that it's one of the better branches of Booksale daw in terms of the type of books they have. Well, I went there and it's just okay...I didn't even buy anything that fancied me. Parang nothing extraordinary with the titles available...must be the time of the week. Oh, before that, we passed by National Bookstore too where they have a great book sale!! Eh killjoy si Mommy so nanalo yung guilt trip nya sa akin. I even saw there American Psycho for P200 lang!!! Rarrr!!!

We had to ride the MRT to's Mom's first and my, what, third? Wala lang, exciting sya! Harhar. From Ayala, we just toured the whole stretch of SM, Glorietta, Landmark (and spared Greenbelt) then we went home, bringing nothing but casual everyday shoes from SM and a burrito to go from Taco Bell.

In sum, my Sabado was torture for our feet. As in. Parang pinaglakad kami ng ilang kilometro. Though it was fun having to see new places or just window shop, at the end of the day, your feet won't go goody-goody on you. It will hurt when it's been used so much. Super nakakapagod.

But it was fun.