Tuesday, December 13

I am so stressed. The last quarter of the year has worn me out so much.

I told my Mom I want to be alone for Christmas. As in all by myself. I know it will be too hard to happen because soul-sucking family traditions will tell me off and say I am the biggest selfish and insensitive daughter/sister/granddaughter/aunt/niece/friend ever to walk the Earth if I decide to do so.

I just want to be alone, watch my DVDs, read books from among my long queue, and refrain from being with people.

I don't want to be bombarded with "No man is an island" bullshit. I know that. I just want to be on my own in a season where it's customary to be mingling and reuniting with people. I believe it's not too hard to understand, is it?

A Christmas, just like an ordinary day, watching TV or reading a book in a terrace overlooking the bay. Perfect.

I can't wait for my birthday to do it.

I am in my grinchy state and I so love it.

The hell with togetherness.

Would you rather be alone but happy?
Or be with people but be sad and pushed to be nice against your will? You tell me.