Sunday, December 4

"My advice to all those who are going to find themselves : Stay exactly where
you are. Otherwise you are in great danger of losing yourself forever."

That quote was from Jostein Gaarder's The Solitaire Mystery. Makes a whole lotta sense.

I am back to real reading now. I will finish the whole Narnia series before it opens on the 9th (give it to me, I have not read it as a child). I am loving the idea of people going back to reading, wheher the motivation came from me or from another person (yes, doon ako papunta sa dalawang taong yon, so I better stop).

A year ago today, below was my blog entry. Funny that at this time, my dilemma is still the same:


grabe, everytime i bloghop, people are raving about their new starbucks planner or how many stickers to go na lang and they would have it na. napepressure ako!! hahaha!! inggiterang palaka. eh totoo lang, i would not feel this way if not for the barista in starbucks rob. while waiting for my frappe, i was looking at basta yun..then he casually commented that many people actually claimed na their planners!! ipressure ba ako?? eh kasi naman ako lang bumubuno nung akin. there are times di na me nakakapag-coffee kasi late na ako umuuwi from work. di bale, 14 stickers na lang naman. kayang kaya ko na i-bribe sina joy, girl, eiselle, erwin, tita ditos, tita beth, noime, jacs, jen, karen to have coffee with me..o di ba...ilan na ako pa...11...three stickers to go and hello planner na ako!!! ganyan ako
ka-pathetic! hay.