Wednesday, October 6

Fifteen years ago I...
- was 7 and an innocent student
- stood up in front of the blackboard forever as I didn't know what's one-third of 99

Ten years ago I...
- was a freshman in highschool
- was vice president of the class but lost in the overall year-level election
- began writing for the school paper
- let Ralph go
- led a thousand students in a modern dance in a field demonstration

Five years ago I...
- had been touring museums for my Hum II class
- juggled my time writing for the university paper, training for the debate team and helping in a university political party (in three months I gave them all up for varied reasons)

Two years ago I...
- was jobless and idled my day listening to Korina Sanchez's morning radio show, reading books, sleeping, watching Jackie Chan Adventures, and talking to Freida on the phone
- worked in a call center (at about the same period today) and started to love Makati, especially knowing that my office building is only beside P.A.'s events management office (Marie would know who P.A. is)

One year ago I...
- rode a yacht as part of the Consular Field Trip.
- felt uninterested.
- started to collect books.

Yesterday I...
- fell off the stairs
- visited my aunt in the hospital
- got assassins from Eman
- loaded 115 pesos

Today I...
- visited my aunt again
- felt my right arm hurting
- updated my blog
- emailed Chelli and Lai
- finished Apollyon
- withdrew 300 pesos
- laughed
- missed someone

Tomorrow I will...
- work (ahem)
- go to SM or wherever to buy sarong for our weekend getaway
- prepare the presentation my boss asked me to do for the Christmas party
- shave my legs
- greet Aldrin "Hi!"

Things I cannot live without...
- books
- cellphone
- radio
- TV

I've been aching for...
- more books
- some more books
- an iBook

Guilty Pleasures...
- books
- magazines
- books
- pepperoni pizza
- blogging
- books
- have i mentioned books?