Friday, October 8

I am so stressed out lately. Emotionally, at least. My mom confirmed my hunch that perhaps God made me fell of the stairs on purpose (weird eh?) so I will be away when this mess ensues. I expected this to happen but not too soon. And now, I'm out of the office, recuperating, but I don't know if I will be thankful.

Part of me says, good for me, because whatever happens I will not be there. My mom says so too. I have been battling the idea of going or not going since last night, until mom gave me this litany, stressing "kung wala kang direct involvement hindi ka dapat pumunta" and "kung pupunta ka doon, you will be forced by the situation to take sides, may ididisappoint kang isa, mas mabuting wala ka doon". Funny, but i asked my mom for the nth time, with the lead-in "Bilang mommy ko, sa tingin mo, dapat pa ba akong pumunta?" And there she went with her litany again. Actually, it was my mom and Tita Beth, two people whose opinions I value so much, who implied the same thing. I guess, that is more than enough sign. Plus, I am not yet well. I had a fever when I woke up at 6 this morning, which subsided around 9 am. Darn, I can't even take a bath! And chances are, my fever could go back this afternoon because I used the computer na naman. Tigas ng ulo noh?

On a lighter note, I find it funny that the people around me are not the panicky type. Instead of worrying because of what happened to me, they spewed things like, "O, saan ang masakit? Bababa lang kasi ng hagdan... " (it's actually a rather politically correct term for "Ang laki-laki mo na, baba lang ng hagdan, tatanga-tanga ka pa"). It helped though, because if I see them worrying I would be more dead worried. Good thing I have enough fats in my body which shielded me from the blow kaya no apparent bone fracture happened. Mahirap lang na parati akong nakapamewang kasi it hurts when I put it down like a normal right arm. Ang yabang tuloy ng asta ko siguro. Ahehe.