Friday, October 1

*listening to maroon 5's she will be loved*

another work week has passed. it's already the first of october. four more days till...ahem. eight more days before the planned trip.

*music changed to avril lavigne's don't tell me*

obviously wala akong mailagay. whew. monday...i forgot what happened. tuesday...i forgot na din...wednesday...had my reading time at mcdo-rob but cut it short because tammy called me about something which made me go home immediately. no, it wasn't about the weather. reading time because i did some errand and finally completed the true philippine ghost stories having bought books 4 and 5. friday...ayun...okay lang.

and oh, i worked nga pala from monday till friday. ahehe.

*currently listening to aerosmith's crazy*

career-wise, i am torn. phew, super complicated sya, it cannot be told in a gist. basta. lovelife? ahehe, next item please. immediate plans? well, if everything goes well as planned, we are going to punta fuego for a weekend next next saturday. maybe meet mar roxas in the next few weeks. of course, if there would be some glitches, next weekend will see me reading books at home, updating this blog or simply sleeping, and i will not meet mar roxas. that simple.

shameless confession: i bought total girl again. you know, this teen mag i told you about in a previous post. eh bakit ba. and for 30 pesos, i grabbed this book titled the carbohydrate addict's diet . wala lang , might get something eeny-weeny helpful from it. i am telling you, without carbs, i will be nothing. that darn south beach diet will be the death of me.

hay, i dunno if i will be depressed or whatever. this is eiselle's fault. depression probably does not really go away. kasi i saw her gradually becoming okay from last week's so weird stage and parang sa akin nalipat. you know that feeling, yung parang malungkot ka hindi mo naman alam dahilan. gee.

*listening to evanescence's my immortal*

eto, share na lang me ng pics:

advanced celeb ng birthday ni eiselle, sa oct 6 pa sya eh:

she blows.... >>>

she slices.... >>>

<<< define siopao.

bagay ba? di ba mukhang lampshade?>>>

< sige lang, libre lang mag-pacute

: wag iindyanin ang gang sa F1 event na yan kahit hindi kilala si fernando alonso (syempre isama si mommy so i can stay longer & erhaps make gala after! wee!)

: finish soul harvest while drying the painted finger and toenails

: email chelli and lai

: try to catch the other gang to chat, watchsports unlimited na rin, ahehe

: try hard not to be cranky


oh...tagal na pala open yung go nuts donuts sa rob!! never pa me nakapunta!! grr!!! at ngayon ko lang naappreciate and LAUNCHcast!!! ayoko lang sya as of this moment kasi it's playing truly, madly, deeply!! eeek!!! the haunting memories of senior high!! brr!!