Thursday, October 21


I will never be an intellectual. A smart aleck, perhaps, but not a real deal intellectual. See, I've tried to read anything with complex subject matters but I end up putting the book/journal down halfway and/or my brain nerves threatening to pop because of too much pressure. I get amused easily, I get impressed easily. I am gullible. I can "Wow" at less-than-great things. All because that way, I get to finish what I'm reading, and my brain nerves do not hurt one bit.

I guess I am made for simple things. Oh well, I am simple, really. While a lot of females in my league at the least aspire for world domination, I simply live for a day and prepare for tomorrow. This, despite what other people say to and about me. That because I have a loud voice, I can somehow command authority. That because of what I attained early on, I am not ordinary. Quite wrong.

Moments come to me at times when I think of my future and this simple existence flashes before me. That's about it. However, I have to work hard prior to attaining that simplicity; a lot of things (and people) have to be settled first because aiming for that simple existence would be too selfish of me.

*fingers snapping*

Putek, serious!!! Ayan, nakalimutan ko tuloy yung tunay na ikukuwento ko. Raarrr.