Wednesday, October 27

Hinga ng malalim....exhale.

Raaarr, just when I am so excited about going to Oakwood for another Consular Party, our spirits were dampened by these erratic changes on the way we do our job. Okay lang i-murder ang drafts; honestly, I've not seen more of that in the past months, but to DO something with it can be a bit unnerving...respeto lang sa drafter. I understand the fact that it's the First/Second Secretary's name appearing on the actual letter but it's another story if you manipulate it, making the drafter feel na napakainutile ng gawa niya. As of this time, ako pa lang ha...not counting Erwin and Eiselle, may 2 cases nang obviously they didn't understand what the refusal issue was about. Banat kasi ng banat eh. Harumph.

Eto na sinasabi ko eh. You don't disappoint a very weak-hearted person like me. Just when I'm bent on staying until 6:30 pm in the office, avoiding the ATM and a reading time, I am going to do just the opposite. Nakakainis kasi eh. To think I am actually saving that money for my goddaughter Asha's birthday 'coz I have a lot to make up for.Kasi bruha yung nanay nya sinabi sa akin na ninang nya ako, mag-wa-one year old na sya. Parang nagtataka pa ata si Kathy kung bakit minsan gusto ko sya sabunutan, eh?

So there, I am going now. Wishing against the greatest of wishes that I can log on tonight and finish that diary draft. And oh, I am going to buy that Custo Barcelona blouse from Tita Tess. Just have to remind myself to text Tita Ditos the night before I actually wear it in the office 'coz she has the same blouse. Finally, a Custo Barcelona...I used to drool over it when Kris Aquino shows it off on Morning Girls. O, ano Eman, nareinforce na naman ba ang theory mo na I 'worship' Kris Aquino? Loko ka a.