Tuesday, May 17


i'm so busy lately, i'm loving it. i don't feel like going home at 9 am, i don't feel sleepy.

i'm going back to my reading pace.

i'm confused again. i thought it's easy to turn my back from it, but when it's there...he's there, an invisible hand grasps my feet, i can't run.

i'm going to do it for you even if it kinda hurts. at the back of my mind (which is purely my fantasy), i think that this is just your way of getting to me.

i'm happy that my pretty friend and i are okay again.

i lost two pounds. but i may gain around 5-6 next week. too many foodfests.

my desk is clean, i think i'm gonna puke. i'm so not used to it.

i wonder how's erwin doing in baltimore. i miss him. gago, hindi nagparamdam bago umalis, nag-promise pa naman sa amin. di pa naman nya alam size ng paa ko. hmph.

i think if i'm asked to marry (insert name of lower house legislator here, and no, not mar roxas 'coz he's obviously, uhm, from the upper house, ayt?), i'm going to go for it. i just wanna take care of him. i dunno. weird. i must really be looking for a father figure. bwark.


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