Tuesday, May 24


the splurge bug bit me again tonight. it's not the splurge bug like many shopaholics out there; it's my own form of spending that won't even come close to what you can call real spending. it hits me, as i observed, when i plan something (financial-wise), and i find something kinda wrong at the last minute and i decide to put it off permanently. before, i do it because i did save money from not pursuing the plan pero lately, i do it with or without any actual amount saved. hmmm.

even during the "splurge mode", i change my mind pa rin. like, initially i plan on buying a book and spend an hour in a coffee shop. when i got to rob, i bought magazines instead (one of them the march issue of vanity fair, finally) and i drank coffee for an hour. i was about to buy a prepaid card when i bumped into eiselle and well, the rest is history. ha-ha. i only planned to tag along but i ended up buying a blouse and a belt. i was successful in controlling myself, otherwise, i would have bought three pairs of shoes. they're on sale, rarr!

moral of the story, wag na sasama kay eiselle. hehehehe!!!

p.s. guys are so random.
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