Friday, August 19


i so like to go home and read. i haven't done serious reading for a long time. last night, i added yet again 2 more books and i don't know when i can find decent time to read them. i blame too much caffeine for this. tsk.

well, i'm kinda happy na din coz powerbooks is on sale. my patience paid off coz...tanaaan...

go buy it, go buy it!!!
finally, a paperback! i get so inggit every time i see the hardcover version of this. ang mahal eh.

then i dunno what's it called but it became softcover pero big pa din so mahal pa din. at last, after almost six months! rarr!! excited to read it; hope i won't be disappointed.

prepare for the BANANAmania!
i'm happy i'm crossing out books from my wish list! i'll be in a "banana-mania" soon enough! :)

this time, i'm waiting for the paperback version of this:

The Historian


and oh, Tams, as i told you last night i already got When Chic Hits The Fan. i intend to finish it soon. by then we can go guessing the blind items. harhar! :)

anyone heard of Jessica Cutler? maybe you would be more familiar with her blog (detailing her exploits on the Hill!) and now, her book titled The Washingtonienne. i saw a copy last night. well, i don't have plans of buying it, it's just hype. transcripts and excerpts from her blog are everywhere. it's just that i feel so awkward now dealing with Sen. DeWine's office. hehe.


go try our native pinoy tapa and mango crepe after. it's so yum. hahaha.

we're having mexican for lunch! italian abstinence huh?

Senator Mar Roxas, you're such a slavedriver! give your men their well-deserved break!!! hahahaha!!! even with your improved skin tone, i still don't understand why you...never mind :)

yipee. flautas, here i come :)