Sunday, August 28

-help me get over my annoyance with the extreme hype on pinoy big brother. please. i don't watch it but it seems like it's dominated the programming grid of channel 2. admittedly, i like them more than i like channel 7 but that show annoys me big time. ironically, all reality-based shows are always fake. anything na may camera, lalo pa at alam mo na you're being watched, may effort na doon to conceal the real you. mga type lang mag-artista ng iba dun eh.

-i don't need real help with this one but i just need preparation siguro when my supervisor takes her leave to attend to her hubby. i was left to man the unit almost two years ago and i pulled it off naman kahit one month pa yun! now, i dunno why i suddenly felt i can't meet the expectations, to think na mas smooth-sailing na nga ngayon sa office. hay naku.

-pera, pede nyo ko help? hehe. i need help, especially if we are talking about thousands of british pounds and US dollars here. see, i've been in touch with an admissions officer in the university of leeds in london but i can't commit on the online masteral course because 1. i dunno if i can sustain the commitment of 36 months and 2. i dunno if i can sustain it financially, even with the scholarship. tapos yung sa boston naman, medyo sayang kasi several modules lang yung gusto kong i-take. ayoko na ulit mag-take ng anything with half-baked interest, upon my mom's advise. my parents are willing to help me but to a certain extent. if i wanna do something, it's up to me daw na mag-diskarte to make it happen. hmmm. ilang gabi lang siguro ito ng pagsayaw sa brunei. hahaha! that is, kung kelangan nila ng bouncer doon!shite.

-this one is so mababaw but i need the may and august 2005 issues of vanity fair. i'm itching to get my copy. magpapasubscribe na talaga ako soon. i so hate waiting .

- lastly, help me to trust. i tend to think ill of people when i see something that's kinda off tangent, be it with statements or reactions whenever i speak. while someone i look up to said, "it's better to be cautious than to be presumptuous", i want to learn to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. in the end, i just don't want real nice friends telling me, "i hate you because you never believed in me when i told you it's not true at all." sorry it's just a useless word eh. i don't think it really mends. so i need help to understand what's really going on here. ilang buwan na lang ang hinihintay eh, completely yung taong concerned eh aalis na due to something that's stated in the law. tsk.

- help me at nabubuwisit pa rin ako sa pinoy big brother. grr.