Saturday, July 17


Argh...I forgot my current read, Bitch Goddess, in the office yesterday. Kasi naman, nagmamadali.

Might Have Beens

We were supposed to watch Speaking in Tongues last night but had to reschedule it next Friday. For one, the English version will be by then, and Erwin's friend is part of the cast, which means we can get there via the guest list, saving 400 pesos.

Since we postponed the watching of the play, we decided to rush to Rockwell instead for its "Up to 70% off on all shops" per Jeepney Journal. For some reasons, we didn't go.

Cancelling the second plan, I hooked up with Mich Gan for a dinner-reunion. I alternately planned to come with Jacs who was attending an event in Rockwell, batting for the sale as well.

Well well well..what do you know, it rained doubly hard and I found myself postponing our dinner-reunion for next Tuesday (which means I won't play bowling--nyehehe) and instead spent the night hearing a friend rant about her mom and brother, and her new ka-M.U. over Starbucks coffee jelly, ham and cheese croissant and Ruffles. I'll be totally honest to say that I never took any of her rantings seriously, just nodding and dispensing fake "uh-huhs" and focusing on eating and texting Mr. Seaweed.

Let's Backtrack

Our annual bowling tournament officially opened last Tuesday. It was graced by the Ambassador who did well in his opening throw, toppling his kanal performance last year. Jojo must have bouts of strangling me, for when he strained his head looking for me to co-host the opening, I carefully avoided eye contact. Hehe ayoko lang 'no? Plus, my bowling shirt is hideous beyond imagination, forcing Carter to ask if we are forming the Britney Spears Bowling Team. And two of the Viva Hotbabes were there. The ever okray Consular team refused to take pictures with them, with our:

Host: Gusto nyo bang magpakuha ng picture kasama nila???!!
Consular Team: (disgruntled murmurs while the rest of the teams shout in glee)
Host: Hindi ko marinig....gusto nyo bang magpakuha ng picture kasama nilaaa??!!
Consular Team: Ayaaaaaawww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls were smaller in person and their boobs looked fake to me. I stayed only until the end of the first round. For someone who, by admission, has not played in three years, Stephanie Meadows brought us high scores, along with Dang, Apple, Dan Cintron and our summer hire, Margarita. For next Tuesday, Tito sent the player list and of course, I am still an alternate, so I have all the luxury of time to not attend and plan a dinner date in Makati instead. Weehee.


As of today, I have a standing self-imposed moratorium on buying books!! I swear, my last ones were still last Tuesday, and it was even because of Erwin. Syempre pinuntahan pa nya ako sa Paeng's just to tell me that he hid one book in one corner shelf of Booksale. The Sherlock Holmes in me went down and found it and eventually bought it along with another book. Tita Beth bought some too. Call it influence but Tito Ton told me, "Sabi ko na ikaw kasama eh (ni Tita Beth), sabi pa lang na nasa Booksale alam ko ikaw na kasama nya!" Well, the book Erwin saved for me is Even Cowgirls Get The Blues by Tom Robbins (I have one of his already, Skinny Legs and All, which is funny din, kinda) and The Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston. Anyway, I finished Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret last Thursday and I started Robert Rodi's Bitch Goddess which is so casually funny. I left it nga lang sa office so my idle Saturday saw me finishing Fat Boy Saves World, which I enjoy in a weird way (it is a weird book!).

In Closing

That's how my week went. Hehehehe.