Thursday, July 8


Two pending cables, one congressional and a bowling practice be damned, I rushed to Ayala Avenue to get my copy of People Asia. Astig talaga ako. Nyahahaha.

I've been waiting for this as early as March, was crestfallen when Jacs told me that Mar Roxas "is giving me a headache" (Tylenol lang katapat nyan), then was excited anew with Jacs' tagboard comment that went, "Kung ako sa 'yo, magpareserve ka na ng July issue ng People Asia *hint hint*".

Finally, I have it. Yun lang. Ganun lang. Save for Jacs' insider stories during the interview and photo shoot, I was prompted to tell him, "Tell me something I don't know yet (about them)." Hehe, parang naririnig ko na si Jacs shouting, "GAGA!!" sabay hampas ng towel nya sa akin.'s either I'm not in the mood to blog or words cannot contain my feelings for this ish. Gah.

What struck me after that visit was how I missed out a lot--I know I am no social butterfly--but I barely had time to reconnect and maintain ties with my friends. It only took me less than 30 minutes to get to Ayala Avenue, probably longer on Friday afternoons, and I was disappointed at how I let that chance pass me since I started working. It was not by choice to confine myself within the stretch of Roxas Boulevard (and P. Faura with Robinson's Place in all its glory). I realized I simply failed to plan and widen my options a little bit.

I missed the company of Jacs and Jen. Both of them never changed, well--a bit, they were worse than before which is very much okay. Ditto with Ailene and Dindin. And of course with all of my friends who are painstakingly slaved by the Makati Business District (nyahaha).

More than the excitement to go home then scan and upload the pictures and articles for my online friends (I know, I know, tama na po..tao lang...humahanga!! ---I remember Ailene and Dindin's priceless reaction when they saw me clutching the magazine...Dindin even said, "Malala na 'yan, Judai!"), I felt the need to reorganize my after-office activities a bit. Maybe one of the reasons why I feel that my hands are so full is the reality that I am actually empty-handed all along. I mean, I allowed my work (na sa totoo lang, hindi ko kina-career!) to hover around my existence, limiting my sphere to the size of one small dot. Kaya tuloy pati pag-watch ng movie, pagbabasa ng mga books na pinanggigigilan kong bilhin every week, even blogging and connecting with my online friends, tingin ko eh nakaka-take ng time ko thus leaving me tired, more often than not. With what happened last night, I am motivated to enlarge my sphere of one small dot to kasinlaki muna ng dome ng Araneta Coliseum (uy, mai-connect lang). Hayop sa analogy no? With that, I will never think that my hands are always full anymore, with only a few activites at that. Perhaps it will give me more space to appreciate my work, my home life, my online friends, my reading time and my social life, and enjoy them in the process.

But it does not veer away from the fact that I went gaga over this People Asia issue. Tipong habang nasa cab ka habang bumabaybay ng Roxas Boulevard at Buendia, paulit-ulit sa utak mo, "People Asia, People Asia, People Asia, People Asia..." Hehe tapos pagbaba ko sa cab bigla ko naisip.."Pucha, anong floor nga uli ang Stargate?" Syempre ngarag, nakalimutan kong may guard at attendant nga pala sa lobby ng building.

Basta next time, with or without Mar Roxas (and Korina), gagawi na uli ako sa Ayala. Para di ko na mamimiss ang mga blockmates ko nung college. Para din mameet ko uli yung high school friends ko. Para hindi na ako naiinggit na nakapila sina Jacs, Ailene at Dindin sa Greenbelt para manood ng Zatoichi samantalang ako eh kailangan ng umuwi. Basta next time. Kesehoda.