Friday, July 9


1 pc Kenny's Krispy chicken
1 cup rice
1 corn muffin
2 servings of mac & cheese
choco mousse
2 250 ml bottles of Absolute Distilled Water

Downed them in less than 30 minutes at nagtataka pa ako bakit ako nahihilo. Asteeg na sikmura. Bitukang bakulaw na naman ako.

I slowed down with my recent attempt to reorg my life. It was not a breeze drastically changing your priorities. I got probably 3 out of 5 of my plans into action, plans I thought of while in the shower or while on my way to the office. Not bad. They usually dawn upon me everyday but once I get to the office I totally forget all of them, then I will feel guilty when I get home, or blame myself when it's crunch time.

As much as I hate all these papers in my desk, these are the reasons why I receive a few bucks twice a month. For if I wish for the e-mails, faxed messages, letters, cables and telephone calls to be gone, I would be jobless. It would make me stay at home to read books, surf, sleep and eat, but I will drool everytime I go to the mall. I will not be able to buy books anymore. Wala na ring pambili ng magazines, pano pag na-feature uli si Mar Roxas (where the hell did that come from?)? Weigh your options, Judai.

I watched The Ladykillers nga pala last night. Except for all the "mother fuckin' shits" I heard (I lost count about 25 minutes after the opening credits), I found Tom Hanks' lines very very witty. I enjoyed it, really. Ka-date ko uli syempre sina Tita Beth, Tito Ton, Tita Patsy and Estee. After that, I got hold of Caleb Carr's The Alienist for 40 pesos and Book 14 of the Fearless Series for 25 pesos.

Nalilito na naman ako kung anong uunahin kong gawin. 3 hours and 20 minutes to go bago mag-uwian.

Prioritize...expand your dot-like!! Poocha, magtatrabaho na talaga ako, pramis.