Saturday, July 24

Saturday Ramblings

I gained five pounds in two weeks. This is all because I went back to my old eating habits. I got used to not eating dinners yet eat whatever I laid eyes on for the whole day. I may need to come back to my no-dinner policy because Alterations Plus could tell me I should not have brought my office clothes to them if I'll be going back to my old shape again.

Because of what happened yesterday with that cab driver, I seriously contemplated on taking self-help anger management techniques. No kidding. See, Tammy was not the only person who told me that I can be real scary when I get mad.

The ending of Bitch Goddess surprised me. The twist was surprising, not as "Wow!" as The Others (the movie) but it's totally unexpected. I immediately started Jemima J after the Robert Rodi book and while I'm fluidly flipping the pages as it was not as exciting (it's quite odd how they still marvel at the wonders of online dating and search engines, to think it was written only in 1999; could be part of the package, I dunno), I am positive I can finish it tomorrow night. I have seen Jane Green's books when I was in Powerbooks last Thursday (Bookends and Straight Talking) but there was no Mr. Maybe!!!!!

Speaking of books, I rearranged my bookshelf this morning and found a couple tens of books waiting to be read. What's funny was how I rearranged them in such a way that you could surmise my feelings for a particular book. contrast to my "going out more" plan before, I am thinking of sparing myself an hour to two of "reading time". Starbucks in Bayview is the most logical place to do it as it is very accessible for me to go home during a rush hour. Any coffeeshop in Robinson's Place is also considered but these places can get really noisy and I would not want that. Erwin shared to me how convenient it is to do it at the hotel lounge of Pan Pacific or Diamond Hotel (he must have done it, he seemed so sure about it). He told me to just order a frappe or something from a resident café and that will do it. The only hassle is the distance from my office to these hotels. I originally planned to do it along Baywalk, you know, in one of those benches, but I received a big NO shouted in unison from my officemates. I actually find the Baywalk reconstruction fine, that it is already void of the old Roxas Boulevard hazards. Oh well, I'll see where my mood and feet will take me starting Monday.