Tuesday, July 27


When we do our grocery on Sundays at SM Manila, my new haven is the magazine section (which oddly is inside the Wines & Liquor area) near the baggage counter. Feasting on GQ's for 50 each (no issues past January 2004, mind you) and Vogue for 80 each (oldest I got was Feb 2004). Dunno if those were good deals but it was better than Booksale's Vanity Fairs for 154 each.

I am bombarded by Angelina Jolie.  She's the cover of this month's Cosmo. She's in the GQ ish I bought this weekend. My cousin returned my old Cosmo where she's on the cover as well. When I brought back my Tita's tupperware, they were watching Original Sin on DVD. Her pouty lips seem to be following me.

Charlie Hunnam is just so yummy. I dunno. He just splashed the pages of GQ where they had Uma Thurman on the cover. The shots were taken in Vietnam. He was just...uhm, yum.

Jemima J is not as funny and witty as I expected. It has its moments but it was not as exciting as Pink Slip.  I was on the verge of boredom when I chanced upon the last few chapters. Jane Green makes the meeting of Jemima and Ben so anticipatingly addicting (?).  Reminds me of An American Tail.  And here's one quote I won't forget, not related with the lovestory though. "And diets don't work, how can they? It's a multi-million dollar industry and if any of the diets actually worked, the whole caboodle will go down the toilet." Huh! Atkins and South Beach, what say you?

I will be having pack lunches for five straight days this week, and probably the next 3 days before payday next week.  Aside from
Paulo Coelho's, I have been tempted (and refused to let go of it) to get the whole Fingerprints series (my inner child! my inner child!), Wally Lamb's I Know This Much Is True,  and The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn.

I did not get swayed when Erwin commented that he will not read anything with Oprah's Book Club seal on it. But sad to say, I should have listened when I bought Anita Shreve's books (The Weight of Water and The Pilot's Wife). I didn't buy them because of the seal, it just convinced me as I have been eyeing them before.  The books bored me. If anybody would like to have them, I'll sell them for 50 each. Hehe. 

My panic button was triggered when, in my groggy state because of sleepiness and morgue-like temperature in the office, I read a short email, where the most prominent words were, "...meeting with the Consul General tomorrow"...add to that my vision being blurry so I only figured out a few names in the addressee line and a one-word subject line...boy, it did wake me up.  Turned out to be something task-related, nothing serious, and as of this typing, it has been moved to Thursday. Whew.

I will technically be in charge tomorrow as my direct supervisor will go on sick leave for a medical checkup. Heehee. I told her we will set all our extensions to a recording that goes, "Our supervisor is on leave. We can't help you right now. Please call tomorrow. If it's urgent, we will help you pray so it can wait until our supervisor comes back." Seriously, it's just a day. We have managed to pull it off when she was gone for a month last year.

I have to cancel my badminton round on Friday. I just have to.