Monday, November 22

Is This A Good Sign?

I have long waited for this yet when it came, I felt guilty. See, I tried hard to veer away from this "obsession" for a month or two...I was unsuccessful on my first try but I managed to start anew. In the midst of controversies, I am gradually feeling a shift in my priorities. It's supposed to be good for me, right? Like, I am supposed to make a review of something but I lost drive to do so. I fashioned this update, wrapping up what happened in the past two weeks, but it burst like a bubble when I sat down in front of the computer. No matter how guilty I feel sometimes, I just think that this feeling is something I tried very hard to work on. Now that I am becoming more self-obsessed and less obsession-obsessed, I just need the momentum to feel good about it because ultimately, the former will bring me better results. The latter is just supposed to make me feel good but it is not real, it is something I share with many other people but in the long run...I only have me. So let this obsession slide down to the periphery basket. Things may even get better when I do it. I will miss it often but it will go on without me.

I should really love myself. I thought I do but I really do not.