Friday, November 5

It's Friday and I'm not happy. I have not been happy lately. I cancelled my badminton game with Marie, Gracie and Alfred because I feel feverish again. I got scared when I looked up what could recurring afternoon fever be a symptom of, and voila! Tuberculosis, failing kidneys, and the likes! Who wouldn't be scared?? Anyway, I am more convinced that it still has something to do with me falling down the stairs a month ago. I have not sought professional (read: doctor) advice about it because the pain went by a week after. Ugh, the typical Pinoy. I noticed though, that when it's too cold in the office, it hurts. It even throbs at times. Weird.

But I will not go straight home either. I am comfy with the idea of a reading time; just have to be home on or before 7 pm because it could be Korina Sanchez's last night in TV Patrol. Mwahaha, she may..uhm..cry? That would be a first. Ahehehe. ABS-CNS's Dragon Lady crying on national

My backlog's not that earth-shattering anymore but I'm still not happy. Good Lord, when can I find that motivation that I've been looking for? Phew. I should have a.....soon. Uhm...soon.

I miss someone. Terribly.

I am meeting my highschool bestfriend tomorrow. She's a flight attendant for PAL now...something I don't know if she envisioned herself to be...but she sure fits into it. I'm excited despite my "never to be disturbed on Saturdays" rule. I need to go out more, really. But all these are all sketches...all blueprints...never put into fruition. Maybe because I don't have that much money...mwahahahaha!! Nah, you don't need lotsa money to go out. I am just so lazy.

Funny, as I type this, I am listening to Jojo's Leave. Can't help but associate it with Korina..maybe when the management asked her to leave, this song is playing on the background. Hahaha, torturer. But really, everytime I hear this song, I think of her, and the faces of the top honchos with matching pointing their fingers pa on the office door..."Get out...(leave)..right now.." And the Bridge part (whatever part it is)...maybe it's uhm..Luchi Cruz-Valdez singing the part..."Get oouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt!!" I'm so salbahe. But try listening and then think of it, it's funny.

I hope to finish The Unbearable Lightness of Being tonight. Takano is so gago, he told what happened to the characters. Okay, okay, they all died. Bad treeep. But it's a nice read...I am inching away from the young adult genre (but I still want to go back to it once in a while).

Till tomorrow!