Monday, November 8


i didn't feel feverish this afternoon, thank God. have been extra diligent, finished more important cases than i usually do on a monday. i guess it was the good start pumped up by sitting in Carter's former hub. sarap dun eh. or maybe it's because it's..clean? Tita Ditos had a very promising development about meeting *ehem* but i'm not gonna dwell on it until it's there already. my highschool bestfriend Mzarriz and Erwin are textmates already. i am a certified subtle bugaw. ugh, i hope they get to meet soon, sparks may fly..who knows? i am still thinking if i wanna come...she wants me to, he doesn't want me i guess i have to ask for a sign (bleh). i planned to rev up my morning with a vanilla latte, but i ended up shaking and mildly palpitating even before lunch..then my mom called jokingly implying that i may have kawasaki syndrome..a whaat? on my way to my reading spot, Josh called me, and i know it was because of the constant prodding of the girls. his voice was nice, his laugh was so manly but you don't get to appreciate all that if ur walking along the busy street of padre faura. no matter how stable your mind is, you always end up blurting out pa-cute statements that u regret exactly after hanging up. oh, hell. anyway, i refrained from starbucks coz 1. i was a bit traumatized by the morning palpitation 2. it's expensive 3. it's expensive if you do it everday 4. it's expensive especially if there's still 2 more days before the next payday. i instead had the big chill's watermelon whatever-that-was. i plan to have all the basic flavors, and none of the carrot blend, whatever happens. cheaper, more nutritious, something new.

yesterday, i finally saw the renovated SM Makati. it was waaay better than the old one, and for the longest time, i almost got used to the verrry cramped SM space. this new SM is so vast, can't even remember and keep track of the sections. and because it's still new, it's still...brighter..cleaner...uh, let's see in about a year. but as of now, it's a real good place to walk through on a bleak sunday. mom and i bought some groceries and who did i almost bump into? no less than bogart. with eyes like that, i wonder if she didn't really see me. i quickly shifted my grocery cart, the efficient grocery cart driver that i am, to the direction of canned goods, just when i received erwin's text (i texted all of them that i saw her!) that says something about "magpagulong ka ng lata ng ligo o maling sa paa nya para matapakan nya". he can be a little mean sometimes. a little.

i am halfway through the unbearable lightness of being and boy, milan kundera is soo great. i am almost finished with the handmaid's tale and it's..just okay. i got to see my payslip today and i can't help but see how much i can allot for my books. i have to indulge in books. it's the only gift i can give myself! as for the books that my budget can't accommodate...hey, that what friends are there for (user!).

books. bluetooth usb. pirated dvds (hehe). new shoes. books. books. books. lest i forget, i still owe my financier a whole lotta bucks. financier=mom.

life is just so good even if i'm not making sense.