Wednesday, November 10


We've been karma-chameleoned! Yan kasi, counting the chicks before the eggs are hatched. Wa-i pang bonus, ahehe!! Ouch.

Online quizzes na lang. Got this from Maky.

You Are a Flashy Red Bra!

Outgoing, friendly, and fascinating.You're a charmer, with your pick of the men.But you want a man who's as magnetic as you are.You need someone who can keep up with your all night gab fests!

What Kind of Bra Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Naks naman.."as magnetic as you are". Bleh.

Another one:

You'll Find Love Through Friends

Your friends get you better than any guy ever hasAnd they're the perfect people to introduce you to your soulmateSo look and act you're best with them, even if it's a girl's night outYou never know who they might find for you!

Where Will You Find Love? Take This Quiz :-)

Friends, friends, where art thou?

One more:

You'll Find a Boyfriend Within 3 Weeks

You're out enough to meet plenty of guys
And it shows, because a few are interested in you
Even if you haven't meet the right guy yet
He's standing just around the corner :-)

When Will You Have a Boyfriend? Take This Quiz :-)

Good Lord! The countdown is on! (shucks th-thr-three weeks?) And "standing just around the corner"? Freaky.