Thursday, November 11

Thank God for the veterans, we do not have office today. I never got to do my errands though as I slept practically the whole day. Hooray to me.

Finally, after lunch, the payroll problem was fixed and we got our bonus. The money just literally lands on your palm and plop! they're gone. Well, in my case most of it just went to my Mom who I owe a ton with my, "My, borrow muna ng (insert amount)". She could have gladly gave them for free but the proud me lists them down everytime, thus the payback time now. I am on a clean financial slate. I'll start borrowing from her for my Christmas shopping na lang. Huwahaha!!

And believe it or not, I didn't buy the books I kinda salivated on for the past months. That was so weird. I was actually in NBS and I can't choose what to buy. Maybe it's the arrangement of the books...the NBS bookshelves are all messy and you can't just have this "I'm in a bookstore" feeling. Parang hinalukay na malagkit. But I won't leave the store with nothing at hand. So kahit sapilitan, I bought the classsic Don Quixote (I was looking for Fyodor Dostoeyevsky's The Idiot but i can't seem to find a copy, so lazy to ask), finally Hot Six (the decision was long overdue - see, I already have the Stephanie Plum mysteries from 1 to 8 minus nga this sixth one; for the longest time that I am seeing Hot Six on the shelf, I can't decide if I wanna buy it coz I do not like the series that much - and last night was the time) and Jeffrey Deaver's The Empty Chair - now, I have not read any Jeffrey Deaver book, but i watched The Bone Collector which I didn't like, I bought this kasi it's well, by Jeffrey Deaver, and a friend recently told me that The Devils' Teardrop is a good read and it's from...yes, Jeffrey Deaver. I dunno what got nto me nga because Atonement was there..Carl Hiaasen's Hoot was there...but I didn't buy them. Weird. There was also Clive Barker's buti na lang I didn't buy the paperback because it is different from the hardbound illustrated version! It's like Book 2 na or something! And Jesus, The Art of Discworld (picture to follow), naiiyak ako when I saw it. It's the illustrated introduction of all Discworld characters! But it's so out of my budget coz it's for a thousand bucks! Damn!

So many thoughts inside me but I can't articulate them all. I need to recharge my phone. Ciao!