Monday, November 1

When there is an issue yet to be resolved, expect your inbox to make you blurt, "Whoa!" when you check it.

Hay, I hope this issue will be resolved soon. I still feel bad about it but not as bad as I felt a couple of days ago.

Funny, na-LSS ko yung Leave ni JoJo and Strong Enough ni Stacey Orrico dahil super relate ko sa nangyari. Yung Leave, patawa lang. Yung kay Stacey...bagay esp yung first few lines. Get this:

As I rest against this cold hard wall
Oh will you pass me by
Will you criticize me as I sit and cry
I had fought so hard
And thought that all my battles had been won
Only to find the war has just begun

O di ba.

Not to count the chicks until the eggs are hatched but I am really looking forward to buy those books na when I receive my bonus. Simple treat lang naman for myself, nothing's wrong naman di ba? The rest...hay...dadaan lang sa palad mo. Eh pano, dami ko loan sa mommy ko. Hahahahaha!!!

Wala pang new ish ng Total Girl...eeww, ang mahal naman nung Aussie edition, P280?! Eh P75 lang yung local. Si Ashlee Simpson cover nya. Lindsay Lohan is in GQ! Ravishing pero....ewan. Baka feeling ko patweetums ever sya. Oh well, if Alexis Bledel would do that, mas shocking. Speaking of Alexis, she will be Lena in the movie version of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!! And the 4th season of Gilmore Girls will start on November 6. Yay...the teen in me.

Nothing extraordinary while visiting my relatives' tombs. Okay lang. Not that I didn't care...hindi naman kasi once a year lang yun dapat ginagawa. At around 4pm nakabalik na nga kami ni Mom dito sa Manila eh..bonding over coffee talking about the future (naks, kala mo super serious eh).

Got new books. The Hillary Trap: Looking For Power In All The Wrong Places (by somebody I think who feels so insecure of Hillary Clinton) and Dominick Dunne's Another Town, Not My Own.

Hay, pasok na naman bukas. Ganun ulit for 8 hours. Magpapalit na nga ako ng radio station eh. Pangit kasi reception (yun ba tawag dun?) ng Launch sa workstation ko. Yung Accuradio, okay lang kaso di ko type yung pagcacategorize ng songs. For two weeks, I've been in MSN Radio kaso puro Ashlee Simpson, Ryan Cabrera at Maroon 5 naman...parang, wala na bang iba??? Type ko lang yun pag play yung She Will Be loved kasi irritated si Eiselle!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Ho-hum. Gonna post some pics tom. Hope that "it" will be over soon and "our camp" will be vindicated.