Sunday, September 25

and so it goes.

the most important lesson i got this weekend is the importance of listening. i try to but i never really comply. no matter who advises me to do or not do something, i always defy it in my own little way. it has not brought gigantic negative effects, as far as i know, but it could have been avoided because ultimately, it's just so downright cheap.

specifically this morning, i was advised---rather, asked (which places the last decision on moi), to...let's just say, be careful writing about events that would incriminate things, albeit innocently or deliberately. i was happy i was not asked to retract what i wrote. i offered it to clear things up, and i sincerely thank him that my freedom to write was given due respect. it's not necessary, as i was told. however, i can only take precautions, because as a universally-accepted truth, the message rests on the receiver's interpretation, regardless of the sender's intention. sometimes, even if you drop names, people think what they would like to think. i am also guilty of that.

that phone call made me realize that i am not made for trivial things. i used to think that i am because of the way i speak, the way i make first impressions...but when things like this happen, you realize how much value you place upon yourself, and you eventually realize what you're cut out to do. the call ended with happy notes that are political in nature. i know it will stay that way and the bond will be strengthened by it, thereby making developments in the personal side of things a bonus. just a bonus.

and so it goes.

while i respect opinions about what i post (and this is typed with the hangover on the sassy lawyer's blog about what's 'opinion' and 'assessment'!!!) , i would not accept comments. you know how to personally reach me for your thoughts and violent reactions. i welcome everything. i have been forewarned.